Why most FAIL? (do this instead)

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Why most FAIL? (do this instead)

Why most fail? It’s because people  are afraid of making a mistake which must happen.It’s part of the process.

Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before he succeeded.

Prerequisites and requirements inside…

Do you know the STATS?

92%+ folks that hop online and want to change their life, never will.

They’ll buy the courses.
They’ll dream of freedom.
And they’ll lather. rinse. repeat.

Usually they won’t even TRY to get a result they want.


Here’s a quote to remember:

“Life doesn’t transform by consuming insights, but by TESTING them.”


Most people don’t start because they are afraid they’ll make one eeny teeny mistake.

Yet that is a PART of the process!
It MUST happen.

Just like a plane traveling from one spot to another must course correct MANY times.

Better to take hold of the quote above?

The failure has nothing to do with you or your worth.

You’re amazing.

Simply view it as an “experiment” towards getting you what you want.

Willing to do that?

Again, it’s a prerequisite.

The result of viewing this biz like you are a scientist in the lab, testing what works and learning from what doesn’t?

It can result in a life most only dream of.

I don’t say that lightly:-)

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