Why Duplicate/Thin Content need to be corrected for SEO

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Correct duplicate/thin content
Correct duplicate/thin content

Why Duplicate/Thin Content need to be corrected for SEO

Duplicate/thin content need to be corrected for SEO. Duplicate content occurs when the same exact content appears on more than one page on your website. Every page should be completely unique. From an SEO perspective, duplicate content is an internal issue and not an external issue. An external issue will be if someone took your content and placed it on another website. That will be a copyright issue.

Why is duplicate content bad?

1.Google Panda Algorithm-Google cares about user experiences and want them to be positive and will severely decrease organic search traffic so it’s best to avoid duplicate content.

2.It’s bad for your users and perspective customers.

3.It will almost negatively impact your SEO performance over the long-haul.

Duplicate content will not be an issue on a small scale but as your website grows so will your pages and it will start to become more of an issue. It can become a very serious issue at scale. Be proactive in fixing any duplicate content you may have right now.

Duplicate content can be more prevalent with certain websites. For example, an e commerce website will generally have more duplicate content issues than a small blog. They will have more product pages and when you have more pages you will increase the likelihood of more duplicate content.

Duplicated product descriptions, category page descriptions, META and local pages

All of these pages tend to lead to duplicate content.

Other causes of duplicate content:

Date archives

Author archives

Tag archives

Search pages

404 pages

Paginated pages/posts

How to fix duplicate content?

Duplicate content needs to be corrected for SEO

1. Identify it using a combination of Siteliner and screaming Frog SEO Spider.

2. If you’re on WordPress, use all in one SEO or Yoast to handle the easy issues such as author archives, etc. No index those pages so that Google will extract them from search results.

3.Be proactive in the first place and do not duplicate any content on your website.

4. If content was purposely duplicated across multiple pages(to save time) then you will need to begin the process of making each page completely unique.

What is thin content?

Thin and low quality content are usually synonymous. A page that lacks word count or has a bunch of scrapped information is going to be low quality because it is not bringing anything new to the table and it thus going to be unoriginal.

Characteristics of low content:

-low word count

-regurgitated information(unoriginal)


Why it is bad:

1. Google Panda Algorithm

– micro affiliate websites with thin content that is not created to add value. Google hates these types of websites.

“Thin” lead gen sites

“Thin” e commerce websites

2. Poor user experience- not enough information about products offered.

3.Not an effective SEO strategy. There is a need to add a ton of value.

How to fix thin content:

Thin content needs to be corrected for SEO

-consolidate similar pages

-delete outdated pages

-delete thin pages that don’t have back links, social signals or user engagement

-make your website more content rich

-depth is batter that width: deeper content with less pages will beat thin content with more pages.

Build a website that is very deep that will attract more organic searches and back links.

Duplicate/Thin Content need to be corrected for SEO.

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