Utilize Your Keyword Research to Boost Sales

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Utilize Your Keyword Research to Boost Sales

Keyword research to boost sales is a necessary part of online marketing.

In fact, you may spend hours researching keywords and deciding which ones to target.

You’ll use these keywords in your content, marketing material, and advertisements.

Though, these aren’t the only uses for your keyword research.

You should take advantage of the time that you’ve put into keyword research.

Here are a few ways to utilize your keywords to boost sales, drive traffic, and build your online reputation:

Keyword Research is a Type of Customer Research

When you perform keyword research, you’re also performing customer research.

You’re finding out what your potential customers are interested in.

This will give you a general idea of the types of topics that you should be discussing in your blogs and eBooks.

Looking at the terms that people use gives insight into their interests.

So, not only will use these keywords in your content, you can mine these keywords for topics.

Find Content to Curate and Share on Social Media

You can use your keyword research to help with content curation.

Content curation should comprise about 80% of your social media marketing.

This includes articles and news from outside sources that you think your followers will enjoy.

Entering your chosen keywords into Facebook or Twitter will help cut down on the time that you spend finding curated content.

Improve Your Existing Content with New Keywords

Use your latest keyword research to update your existing content.

If you have blog posts that haven’t been viewed in months, then give the posts an update.

Add additional content, more information and new details.

Then, optimize your updated posts with your latest keyword research.

Find Frequently Asked Questions That You Can Answer

When you perform keyword research, pay attention to the keyword suggestions that are phrased in the form of a question.

These queries show that people are searching for an answer to these questions.

Take these keyword phrases and perform your own search.

You should be able to find forums, communities and websites where people have asked these exact questions.

Offer your input and give an answer.

This helps you establish yourself as a voice of authority in your field while providing another use for these keywords.

Learn How People Search for Your Products or Services

As mentioned, your keyword research is a type of customer research.

One of the things that you’ll learn is how people search for your products or services.

You might find that they commonly use terms that you wouldn’t normally use.

For example, if you sell running shoes, you might find that people are more likely to search for running sneakers.

By looking at the most common search terms, you gain insight into the language used by your customers.

These small nuances can be useful in creating marketing material that connects and engages.

Find Ideas for Future Products or Services

During your keyword research, you may come across search terms that you haven’t thought of.

This could provide ideas for future products or services.

Using running shoes as an example, you might find that people also search for shoelaces for running shoes.

If you hadn’t previously sold shoelaces, you now have an idea for your next product.

The bottom line is that keyword research can be used for so much more than just optimizing your web pages and advertisements.

You can perform customer research, improve your content and develop ideas for new products or services.

Maximize your marketing potential by making better use of your keyword research.

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