Prayers To Help Through The Pilgrimage of Life


A prayer to the Holy Spirit:

“O Holy Spirit
Beloved of my soul
I adore You.
Enlighten Me
Guide Me,
Strengthen me and console me.
Tell me what I ought to do
And command me to do it.
I promise to submit to everything
That You ask of me
And to accept all
That You allow to happen to me.
Just show me what is Your will.”

Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy. Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy. Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I love but what is holy. Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit, to defend all that is holy. Guard me, then, O Holy Spirit, that I always may be holy. Amen.


A Dedication Prayer for children:

Father, we pray for our children, that they may grow in faith as they grows in years. May they walk in the ways of Christ, and not in the ways of the world. Keep their steps safe, but should they stumble,we know You will uphold them with Your right hand. When tempted by the devil we pray that You will deliver them and remind them of the Biblical principles they learned from their earliest memories. We commit them to Your loving care and watchful eye. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.”

A prayer for genuine faith:

Father, through the knowledge of Your Scriptures,through the application of its truths, and through the power of the Holy Spirit we can resist the enemy of our souls.  Our faith is tested which is of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire, so that it may be proved genuine, and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.  Faith that is not tested is faith that cannot be trusted, so help us to see that when the enemy is persistently prowling You are giving us opportunity to prove our faith to be genuine as we continue to recognize Satan’s ways and resist his influence in our lives.  In Jesus’name.  Amen.”


A prayer for God’s blessings:

Father, we are confident that You will provide for all our needs as we obey Your commands.  You have instituted work from the very beginning so that we can provide for ourselves that which we have need of. Your blessings fall upon those who obey You and who are not idle or wasteful.  We thank You for our jobs and the skills needed to perform our duties.  We lift up our brothers and sisters who are diligently looking for employment but are awaiting doors to open.  Father, we pray that You would open the right door and provide for their needs in supernatural and unconventional ways as You always care for Your own, no matter the circumstances.  May it be a time of trusting and growing as they look to You for their provisions and for the open door. In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.”


A prayer of thanks for freedom:

Father, how glorious it is to enjoy freedom from sin, thanks to the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus, on my behalf.  My life,once enslaved to sin, now enjoys the freedom from that which once held me captive to Satan’s bondage.  I live in victory because You have set me free and I am now free indeed.  Thank You, Father, for delivering me from the domain of darkness and transferring me into the kingdom of Your Son in whom I have redemption, the forgiveness of sin! We lift up our brothers and sisters in prayer who live in oppressive and persecuted lands whose voices and expressions of faith are stifled by ungodly laws and rulers.  Help them to hold to the faith no matter the circumstances.  Encourage those who have family members or parishioners who are imprisoned for their Christian testimony. Replace any fear with courage and any doubts with the certainty of Your presence and the working power of Your Holy Spirit “to do more than we can ever ask or imagine” in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”


A prayer of praise at all times:

“Father, we want to bless You at all times and in all circumstances. May praise continually be uttered from our lips as it overflows from our heart. Whatever we are going through, and however long its duration may it not deter us from giving You praise and thanksgiving for who You are and all that You do on our behalf. As we seek You we find Your all-sufficiency to be our strength, power and might. In the wonderful name of Jesus we pray. Amen.”


A Prayer of Thankfulness for Christ’s Suffering:

Father we thank You for Jesus who endured suffering, humiliation, and the reproach of sinners that He came to save. He could do this because He never lost sight of the future joy that would be His when He accomplished His earthly mission and would return to sit at Your right hand. Though He endured the opposition of sinners, Jesus became obedient to death, even death on the cross in fulfillment of Scripture so that we might inherit eternal life through the forgiveness of our sins. How eternally grateful we are. We thank You in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


A Prayer of Faith In The Cross:

Lord Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for me. You willingly became the sacrificial Lamb whose substitutionary death freed me from the heavy shackles of sin, degradation, and eternal damnation. My response to Your act of mercy and grace toward me is that I place my faith in You and recognize that Your love; so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all. Amen.”


A prayer of Faith, Repentance and Acceptance:

Jesus, thank You for loving me. I admit that I am a sinner. I believe that You are the promised Messiah Who came to this earth to die for me sins. Please forgive me of my sins and come into my life. I receive You as my Savior and will follow You as my Lord.Thank You for hearing my prayer. Amen.


A Prayer For Protection Against Deception:

“Jesus, just as Peter confessed I too confess with my lips and declare with my life, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Satan, the champion masquerader, seeks to weaken my confession of faith, but will be proven ineffective as I fix my eyes on You, Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of my faith.  In the flurry of constant activity and daily struggles keep me watchful, always looking to You so that I don’t stumble and fall.  And yet by Your grace, should I stumble, You do not cast me down,but uphold me with Your right hand.  It is through Your mercy that I will be faithful to the end.  Thank You, Jesus.  Amen.”


A Prayer Of Honor to God:

Father, we live in an age similar to Daniel’s where people mock and ridicule the one and only true God of the universe.  So many worship music gods, technology gods, beauty gods, media gods, body building gods, intellectual gods and countless others. They render You powerless, but we who have exchanged a life enslaved to sin for a life that is forgiven and wholly saved know that they have not had a personal encounter with a holy God. Only You can turn beauty into ashes, our weapons into plowshares, our selfishness into selflessness.  Only You can take a meaningless life and establish purpose in our hearts.  Only You can replace the fear in our hearts with an eternal hope.  Because of Your infinite love and care for us I want to honor You in all that I do, for I love You with all my heart.  Amen.”


A Prayer For Serving The Living And True God:

Father, we’re reminded through the writings of the Apostle Paul that our lives are observed by those who see us day in and day out. What a wonderful change comes into our lives as we surrender our hearts to You, the living and true God. And yet we must be on guard so that worthless idols do not win our affections; otherwise the light of Your Son Jesus will be diminished in our hearts and thereby, our witness. No person or object is of greater worth than that of Your Holy Spirit Who resides in our hearts and prompts us to lift our eyes toward our heavenly redemption that is drawing closer every hour. Thank You for saving us from the coming wrath when Your judgment is poured out on those who do not believe. In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.”


A Prayer For Godly Character:

“Our Father and God, help us to live our life in a way that does not gratify our flesh, but rather feeds our spirit that is redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.  You have given us opportunity to make a positive difference in this degenerate world.  May we, by word and example, bring light into this darkened, sin-indulged world.  May the fruit of the spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness, and self-control, be evident in our lives so that these attitudes bring about good deeds which glorify You, Father.  Others will look at our lives and see beyond our human frailties to recognize the Spirit of God that is at work in us.  We pray this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”


A Prayer Of Thanks for our Eternal Inheritance:

“Father, we thank You for making us joint heirs together with the family of believers in this wonderful eternal inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade kept in heaven for us. We claim this future inheritance and await the appointed date when we will experience in full the blessings it provides for us. Troubles in this life diminish our hope, but rejoicing in the life yet to be revealed gives us a living hope! Help us to fix our present hope on the future return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whose name we pray.Amen.”


A Prayer For Trusting in God’s Sufficiency:

Father,You never tried to pull the wool over our eyes, but clearly presented the harsh reality that we will have troubles in this life. This resounding message was spoken through the many prophets, the disciples, by Jesus Himself and was portrayed plentifully in the lives of those who walked in Your ways. Help us not to be surprised or frightened when trouble comes knocking at our door, for it is evidence that Your Word is truth and it gives us opportunity to trust and rely upon You in the good and the bad, in that which is known and that which is uncertain. Faith that is not tested is faith that cannot be trusted, so we pray that we will remain faithful in the testing of our faith, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”


A prayer for being like Jesus:

Father, Your Word tells us that Jesus suffered for us,leaving us an example, that we might also suffer indignity and injustice just as the disciples did, many of them giving their lives for the Gospel. But when we consider all that You have set before us; redemption, forgiveness, a clear conscience, a pure heart, a satisfied mind, virtuous gifts that increase over a lifetime, unconditional love, grace beyond measure and a home prepared for me in heaven, things suffered in this life pale in comparison. May the lives we live, the words we speak, and the love we generously pour out to others “amaze”those who see it so that they might declare, “We recognize them as having been with Jesus.” In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.”


A prayer for running the race:

“Father, Your grace has no measure and it was graciously extended to me the hour I first believed and started my spiritual race. You not only prepared the way but You also run alongside me and enable me to throw off those things that hinder or weigh me down. You’ve given me an enduring spirit to stay on course during the desirable and undesirable starts of new chapters in my life. It’s not the one who runs the swiftest, nor the one who runs for a day, but it’s the one who endures to the end that will be saved.I want to be among that number, and by Your grace, I will receive the eternal rewards that come to those who finish well. And then I start the next chapter that never has an ending; that of living in heaven and praising You for all eternity. I can hardly wait. Amen.”


A prayer for staying on the right path:

Father, like the Psalmist I pray that You will show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation. I’m indebted to Your loving grace that keeps me traveling the good path. There are many other paths that vie for my attention but I know instinctively through the Spirit and also by experience, that they are treacherous leading me to danger, a dead end, and leaving me with a spirit of unrest. I want to walk on the good path and find rest for my soul even in the midst of the dark valley experiences of my travels here on earth. I’m so grateful that You walk beside me on the path that leads to righteousness and eternal life. Amen.”S

Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.


A prayer for changed lives:

“Father, we’re reminded through the writings of the Apostle Paul that our lives are observed by those who see us day in and day out. What wondrous change comes into our lives as we surrender our hearts to You.  And yet we must be on guard so that we do not allow worthless idols to win our affections; otherwise the light of Your Son Jesus will be diminished in our hearts and in our witness.  We will be no different from the darkened world in which You delivered us from.  No person or object is of greater worth than that of Your Holy Spirit Who resides in our hearts and prompts us to lift our eyes toward our heavenly redemption that is drawing closer every hour.  Thank You for saving us from the coming wrath when Your judgment is poured out on those who do not believe.  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.”


A prayer for walking with God:

“Father, because I love Your commands more than worldly pleasures or temporal possessions I despise the paths that lead me astray like a lost sheep. You have gone before me and cleared the way so that I might follow in Your steps and the steps of other righteous, godly saints.  I am comforted in knowing that I don’t walk alone, but I walk hand in hand with You as my Guide. Through eyes of faith I see a great cloud of witnesses, those spoken of in the Bible and those I’ve known in my lifetime, who’ve already finished the race cheering me on as I persevere on this path of righteousness.May I willingly endure hardship as it disciplines my commitment to walking in Your ways. I want to wholeheartedly seek You above everything else, for You are a Rewarder of those who diligently seek You. Amen.”


A Prayer for those sowing in tears:

Father, there have been many times that we acted in faith when it seemed futile in doing so. When we get our eyes on the challenge it takes our eyes off of you, the One who heals the sick, raises the dead and casts mountains into the depths of the sea. Father, we choose to walk by faith and not by sight. Since all things are possible with You, we choose to believe in those things impossible with man. We do believe and choose to walk in faith until the invisible is made visible either here below or in the eternal heavens. It is in the name of Jesus that we come to You in prayer.Amen.”


A prayer of repentance

Lord Jesus, I ask You to forgive my sins and save me from eternal separation from God. By faith, I accept Your work and death on the cross as sufficient payment for my sins.Thank You for providing the way for me to know You and to have a relationship with my heavenly Father. Through faith in You, I have eternal life. Thank You also for hearing my prayers and loving me unconditionally. Please give me the strength, wisdom, and determination to walk in the center of Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen


How do you offer thanks to God? What might it mean for you to live thankfully each day?

PRAYER: O Lord, you have been so good tome. Too often I take your grace for granted. But today I’m reminded by Psalm 116 of the manifold ways you have blessed me. Indeed, you have heard my prayers. You have delivered me from “deathly” living, guided my steps, and freed me from the chains of my sin. Therefore, today I offer you a “sacrifice of thanksgiving” as I call upon your name. Thank you, dear Lord, for all the ways you have blessed me.

May I live today with a persistent sense of gratitude. May I be open to your gifts, your presence. May I see your goodness and give you the credit you deserve. May I thank you, not only in words, but in how I live all day long.

All praise and thanks be to you, O God. Hallelujah! Amen


A Prayer For Spiritual Weeders:

“Father, the pesty weeds in the garden are pervasive, persistent, and problematic to the gardener until pulled out by the root.  Weeds are like sin in our lives and in order for us to be productive and thriving in our Christian walk we must uproot the growing sins that seek to choke out the Word of God in our lives. Alert us to the weeds in their infancy stage lest they overtake the precious implanted truths of Your Holy Scripture and we begin to live for the worthless weed instead of the precious Bread of Life.  Keep us diligent, zealous, and hopeful as we nurture our daily lives with the spiritual tools of forgiveness, patience,forbearance, enduring love and so many other productive attitudes as written in the Scriptures.  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.”


A Prayer for a willing heart:

“Father, You’ve called us all to a life of obedience. This includes the command that we are to raise our families in such a way that they will come to know You and grow in godliness in accordance to their individual faith. We also have opportunity to influence others for Jesus as we follow the great commission in reaching out to those who don’t know Him, whether it’s our neighbor, co-worker, team member or the homeless living on the streets. We want to make a difference in our world, one person at a time, since You touch individual hearts for the kingdom one at a time. We want to faithfully do our part through Christ Jesus our Lord in whose name we pray.Amen.


A prayer of love for God:

Lord, it seems that the things we touch with our hands and the people we physically see with our eyes are the major focus of our day. Our daily plans can obscure the presence of the Mighty One who desires to be at the very heart of all that we do and say.  This day we express our love for you. Would You, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, speak directly to our hearts and reveal Your spiritual presence in the midst of our activities this day.  May we be filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy as we rely upon Your promises.  And, Lord, may our major goal today and everyday, be the salvation of those we meet in our various spheres of influence.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


A prayer for being Heavenly minded:

Father, we know that You care for us day in and day out as we walk in Your ways, and mercifully, even when we choose to deter from Your  perfect plan You gently guide us back.  Your plan for our lives is to prosper us even as we endure hardships in this life.  Yours is a boundless hope and an eternal love that will see us through to a glorious celebration never to end but to experience for all eternity.  Thank You for Your abundant provisions, in this life and in the unseen eternal life yet to come.  Amen.”


A Prayer Of Thanks For Our Solid Rock:

Father, it seems that each new day brings changes, some of which we welcome but others that bring uncertainty and even dread. How wonderful to know that You are our Rock and our Shield upholding us with Your gracious right hand. No night is so dark that the light of Your Son, Jesus, does not penetrate the darkness that would otherwise over take us. Keep us joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer through Christ our Lord.Amen.”


A prayer for you:

“Father, it’s been said that “courage is fear that said its prayers”. And it’s true that You can change our hearts and outlook even when the circumstances have not changed. But it requires our dependency on You through persevering in prayer which results in absolute trust. We can be assured of Your eternal encouragement and good hope as it encourages our hearts and strengthens us in every good deed and word. It is through Christ Jesus our Lord that we pray in faith believing that You turn tragedy into triumph, as You work out all things together for our good. Amen.”


A prayer to remain faithful:

Father, we know that we must do more than just read Your Word, but we must apply Your truths so that we see Your Spirit at work in the daily challenges we encounter.  The Israelites looked to You for guidance in the cloud by day and the fire by night. They learned when to wait and when to walk.  It is in the waiting times that we learn endurance for the present and it is in the walking times that we learn to trust You for the future. Whether You are moving us forward or keeping us still our hope is in You all the day long.  Amen.”


A prayer for enduring to the end

Father, we thank You that the grave is not the end for the believer, but simply the passage way into an eternal dwelling with You. The last enemy to be destroyed is death, but the lights of glory will welcome us into our eternal home where we will reunite with our dear loved ones who’ve gone before us.  For those who’ve lost loved ones in the midst of their serving our country in some capacity we pray for their peace and comfort knowing that they too paid a price for our freedoms, comfort and safety. We pray for our persecuted brethren that Your Holy Spirit would be like a soothing salve, an anesthetic in the midst of their ongoing deprivation and abuse; that it would apply equally for their grieving family members. We pray for deliverance from their captivity and for their opportunity to share the gospel with cellmates, guards and others whom they interface with. We pray this through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.”



Every Christian should know the steps needed to lead a person to Christ. I remember back in a western town in Australia being stopped by 6 teenagers when they heard me say hello to them.They asked me if I was an American and what was I doing in their town. I told them we were there in the City Hall starting a crusade that night. They asked why? I quickly gave them a short version of my testimony. The leader asked me what they needed to do to be saved? Because of knowing the Word I able to lead those 6 boys to Jesus there on the sidewalk.

That night 5 of them brought their families to the crusade and all were won to Christ. The next night the 6th boy brought his family and they to came to Christ and all became part of the local church that we planted there. If I did not know the steps to lead a person to Jesus, what a loss that would be for the Kingdom of God. Here are some basic steps all Christians should know.

– Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
– Isaiah 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

– Acts 16:30 And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?
– Acts 16:31 And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.
– John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

– Luke 13:3 I tell you, Nay: but,except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
– Isaiah 55:7 Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him;and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon.

– John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name:
– John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
– Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice,and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
– 1 John 5:12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
– 1 John 5:13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

– Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
– Romans 10:10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
– Mark 8:34 And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also,he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
– Mark 8:35 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.
– Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world,and lose his own soul?
– Mark 8:37 Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

God bless you and yours and may this outline of scriptures be in your mind and heart and always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within you.Share your testimony. Let us win the lost to Christ.


A prayer for a thankful heart

“Father,we desire to be a grateful people.  We want to be mindful of our blessings and express thanksgiving regularly for that which we do not deserve but receive regularly because of Your merciful Spirit toward us.  It is far too easy to observe ingratitude in others and be blind to its presence in our own lives. When we’re tempted to grumble prompt in us a grateful response instead, so that we will bear the fruit of thankfulness which brings about contentment, peace and joy.  In the name of Jesus we pray these things. Amen.”


A prayer of thanks for the cross:

“Jesus, Your death on the cross was an act of barbaric cruelty that we would not, in any way, be physically attracted to. But we realize it was God’s redemption plan for all humankind and because of that we can declare along with the hymnist that it indeed “has a wondrous attraction for me.” Because You willingly took the weight of our sins upon Yourself it provided a precious cleansing fountain, a healing stream that flows from Your saving blood providing forgiveness for our sins. Such amazing sacrifice demands my soul, my life, my all. Amen.”


A prayer for the coming kingdom:

“Father,as we seek first Your Kingdom and righteousness above everything else You will provide for all our needs.  The kingdom of this world is temporal,self-serving, and polluted by the wiles of Satan’s strategies to steal, kill and destroy.  It is headed for total destruction.  But, as believers,we follow after Christ who brings abundant life as we renounce the world and enter into His kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy.  Though the world may crumble around us, our hope remains fixed on the eternal kingdom not seen with human eyes.  Such anticipation fills us with inexpressible and glorious joy as we await the day that Jesus Christ is revealed in all His glory, splendor and holiness.  Amen.”


A Prayer For Seeing The Unseen

Father, help us to walk by faith and not by sight. Give us divinely prescribed vision to see the hosts of the heavenly army who stand guard to protect us or engage in warfare against our enemy in the heavenly realms. We clothe ourselves in Your armor so that we can take our stand against the devil’s schemes. We stand against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. May we walk in confidence rather than fear as we trust You to protect and guide us in all our ways. Amen.


A prayer for those in need:

Father, we are thankful that You are present in the daily routine of our lives but also in the quiet,seemingly inactive periods when we are forced to slow down, think more, and do less. Your Spirit is at work in us as we invite You into the throne-rooms of our mind and into the recesses of our heart to shape us into Your likeness. You take negative circumstances and make them work for our good, when we acknowledge that “all things work together for good to those who love You and are called according to Your purpose.” We pray that You will achieve Your intended purpose in our lives as we fully submit our circumstances to Your divine plan.  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.”


A Prayer For Paying Attention

Father, turn my eyes away from worthless things, whatever they may be and preserve my life according to Your Word. Help me to delight in your Law, in Your Word, in Your message. Help me not to neglect your Word. Show me Your ways, O LORD, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long. As we see so much attention given to that which is relatively worthless and the deliberate neglect and ignorance of the ancient words that Scripture imparts, help us to not lose hope, but be fervent in our study of Your Word, so that it changes us from the inside out and strengthens our resolve to live as light in this darkened world. Amen.


A Prayer For Faith That Sees The Invisible

Father, as we live by faith and not by sight we see much of what the world does not see because we see it through eyes of faith. By faith we see a risen Savior who died for us and who is now interceding on our behalf. By faith we see the coronation day when all the saints will be gathered in the clouds to meet Jesus in the air. By faith we believe that life’s trials will be worth it all when we are ushered through the pearly gates, when we gather with the saints of all the ages to praise our glorious Savior around the throne. It is by faith that we come to Jesus and it is by faith that we will stay the course. For it is not the one who runs the swiftest nor the one who runs for a day, but the one who endures to the end who will be saved. The struggles of this life diminish and will not overwhelm us when we walk by faith and not by sight. Navigate our steps as we journey here below. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

A prayer for overcomers:

Father, as we place our faith in You and read the Scriptures, we learn that Satan is like a roaring lion seeking to devour us. Certainly he wants to conquer us, but through Your strength and our adherence to Your warnings we can be more than conquerors over our worst lifelong enemy, the devil. The full reward of resisting the enemy is not fully realized in our earthly pilgrimage, for the best awaits us on the other side, as we eat from the tree of life in Your paradise. Help us to find the joy of living here below as we store up our true lasting treasures in heaven where we will fully experience the eternal, unbounded blessings that await us as we enter Your eternal Paradise. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


A prayer for completed work in Christ:

Father, here I am again; Your work in progress. Though I committed my life to you many years ago the finished work will not be revealed until I draw my final breath on this side.  In the midst of my struggles, failures, and doubts I remain confident that You will complete the work that began the day I surrendered my life to You. You accepted me as I was and You lovingly began the reshaping of my life to reflect Your own nature.  Not only are You continuing the good work You began, but You are perfecting the situations that weaken my faith and my Christian testimony. I thank You that You will fulfill Your purpose for me this day as I commit all my ways to You.  In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.


A Prayer For The Persecuted

Father, may our heart’s cry be the same as that of the Apostle Paul who declared, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Physical suffering and persecution for the sake of Christ will prove our faith to be genuine and will gain for us a crown of life. Suffering and persecution here on earth is temporal, but a crown of life is eternal! Help us to live not just for the here and now, but set our affections on that which lasts forever so that we stay the course! May our faith in You increase as we build treasures in heaven rather than chasing after fool’s gold here on earth. And may our resolve to stand firm intensify as we see the day of Your return approaching. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

A Prayer For A Steadfast Heart

Father, I want to present to You a pure, steadfast and undivided heart that follows hard after You. A heart that hides Your Word so that sin will not dominate. May my heart beat compassion, devotion, and absolute allegiance to the One who gave His all that I might be forgiven my sins and live eternally with You. May I present to You a sweet aroma of worship that rises to Your throne. In the name of My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

A prayer for living water:

Father, we know that drinking fresh water is essential to our health, and without it we battle bodily disease and struggle to survive. Drinking from the springs of living water is essential to our spirit as we battle sin diseases of pride, jealousy, rage, bitterness, lying and so many other carnal attitudes that can result in spiritual death. As we drink from the springs of living water we flush out those carnal diseases that would seek to destroy us. Scripture assures us that we will be fully alive in Your Spirit as we drink regularly from Your life-giving streams of living water. Amen.

Gifts Of The Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit – What Are They?
Gifts of the Spirit are special abilities provided by the Holy Spirit to Christians for the purpose of building up the body of Christ. The list of spiritual gifts in 
1 Corinthians 12:8-10 includes wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues. Similar lists appear in Ephesians 4:7-13 and Romans 12:3-8. The gifts of the Spirit are simply God enabling believers to do what He has called us to do. 2 Peter 1:3 says, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” The gifts of the Holy Spirit are part of the “everything we need” to fulfill His purposes for our lives.

What is the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

Answer: Galatians 5:22-23 tells us, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” The fruit of the Holy Spirit is the result of the Holy Spirit’s presence in the life of a Christian. The Bible makes it clear that everyone receives the Holy Spirit the moment he or she believes in Jesus Christ (Romans 8:91 Corinthians 12:13Ephesians 1:13-14). One of the primary purposes of the Holy Spirit coming into a Christian’s life is to change that life. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to conform us to the image of Christ, making us more like Him.

A Prayer For God’s Continued Work In Our Life

Father, You began a good work in me the moment of my conception when You created me in Your own image. Incredibly, You chose to reflect Your divine Being through my thoughts, attitudes, and actions though I am still numbered among the “frail children of dust, … feeble and frail.” I place my trust in You and have found that You never fail. You never give up or abandon the work You started in my life but Your tender mercies and divine plan continue to break me, mold me, and shape me into Your image. The process will not be completed until the day You call us home. Thank You, Father, for being my “Maker, Defender, Redeemer and Friend”. Amen.

A Prayer Of Beginning


Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.

Living Water:

Many people say that Jesus is the living water, Jesus Himself intended the phrase to mean the Holy Spirit who dwells in believers and seals them for salvation (Ephesians 1:13–14). It is the ministry of the Spirit, flowing out of a heart redeemed by God, that blesses believers and, through them, brings life and light to the world.


A Prayer For Being A Blessing To Others

Father, I pray for a spiritually sensitive heart that I might be a representative of Your indwelling Spirit to those who have distressing needs. Develop in me a discerning heart that I might seek out those in need just as Jonathan did with David. While I don’t have all the answers I do know that Your Word brings to light, direction, and confidence as we must navigate through the twists and turns in our sojourn here below. We offer ourselves to You to be a blessing to others. We do this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


A Prayer For Overcoming Distractions

Father, help me to walk faithfully with You day by day. Though there are daily temptations and recurrent distractions that seek my heart’s affection even as I wait upon You to respond to my supplication. Help me not to be restless in my complaint but to rest in confidence that you are working on my behalf. Help me not to lunge ahead of Your unfolding plan for that which concerns me. I also want to heed Your prompting when You nudge me to move keeping in step with the Spirit’s prompting. Amen.

What Does it Mean to Wait on the Lord?

Waiting on the Lord is something the godly do. It’s about holding on tight, hoping with expectation and trust, knowing that our Lord is not making us wait just to see how long we can “take it.” There are times when God will delay His answer, and we will at times wonder why He seems so reluctant to intervene in our affairs: “I am worn out calling for help; my throat is parched. My eyes fail, looking for my God” (Psalm 69:3). But, knowing the Lord, we trust that He will come at the perfect moment, not a second too soon or too late.

Waiting on the Lord necessitates two key elements: a complete dependence on God and a willingness to allow Him to decide the terms, including the timing of His plan. Trusting God with the timing of events is one of the hardest things to do. The half-joking prayer, “Lord, I need 
patience, and I need it RIGHT NOW,” is not far removed from the truth of how we often approach matters of spiritual growth and the Lord’s will. To wait on the Lord produces character in the life of the Christian in that it involves patience (see James 1:4). Waiting involves the passage of time, which is itself a gift of God.


A Prayer of Thanks To the Creator:

Father of creation, when I consider the infinite variety of Your handiwork I stand in awe at Your unlimited power, Your incredible creativity, and Your attention to detail.  How amazing that You care for the birds, animals, insects, water and plant life and You have a purpose for each of these creations.  How much more amazing that You created human life for Your good pleasure and for fulfilling Your purpose to redeem mankind.  By the testimony of my life may I bring You glory and honor as I, with exuberant and victorious joy, proclaim with the twenty four elders in heaven, “You are worthy to receive glory and honor and power!”  In the glorious name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

A Prayer of Surrender to God:

Father, we are barraged with colorful ads, luring commercials, and attractive displays enticing us to make grand purchases.  When “things” consume our soul they capture our passion, our wallets and our time. You have commanded us to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness and all these things will be added unto us.  As we do so we will be generous with our resources for the sake of the Kingdom.  Help us to be generous with our time, talent, and treasures so that Your kingdom is enlarged and our investments have eternal dividend.  In Jesus’ name  we pray.  Amen.”

A Prayer of Thanks for Our Eternal Home:

Father, we’re abundantly grateful for our home dwellings here on earth where we find pleasure, companionship, comfort, rest and food. If we’re not intentional, we will give more time and affection to our temporal home than our future eternal home. Perhaps it’s because we’re living in the here and now and the future seems so distant and unfamiliar. Help us not to fear the future nor foolishly think it will not come, but to embrace it so that we are prepared when that moment comes. May our heart’s yearning, our primary focus, and our physical labors also have heavenly goals each day as we seek to live for You daily.  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.

A Prayer for Spiritual Focus:

Father, since we have been raised to new life with Christ Jesus, we set our sights on the joyous realities of our future home up in heaven. Focusing our attention and affection there cushions the painful realities we experience or see in other lives down here.  We do not lose heart or allow sin to have dominion over us if we fix our eyes on Jesus, His promises, and our future home in heaven. We do not divert our attention to the world but devote our heart to You, dear Father, so that all will be well with our soul, even when trouble surrounds us. Many need that same hope today, so we must go to  this world that is dying and tell of Your salvation to all who will hear this glorious message. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

A Prayer for Perspective in the Midst of Trials:

Father, You’ve called us to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily and follow You. Each day has its own set of challenges and flow of blessings. Each is ordained by You, for it is in the testing that we are given opportunity to grow, mature, increase our faith and develop our character. Your presence is with us on days that are bright and sunny as well as those that are dark and stormy. Help us to watch for Your blessings because sometimes they’re hidden in the dark clouds of a trial. Nevertheless You are with us and unfolding a blessing that will strengthen, encourage and guide us as we travel here below. We thank You for Your every provision through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for a Heavenly Vision:

Father, how blessed we are to view glimpses of beauty and awe on this side of heaven.  But with great anticipation we await the glorious day when we will behold the ultimate view; Jesus in all His glory.  This world with all its troubles and disappointments will vanish from our memory as we behold a new heaven and a new earth. Contemplating that ultimate view diminishes our heartaches and burdens of this life.  Keep us keeping on as we journey below so that we will ultimately reach our eternal resting place. In Jesus’ holy name we pray.  Amen.

A Prayer for Those Waiting:

Father, many times Scripture that speaks of waiting on You is followed by the directive of being courageous. Indeed it does take courage for me to trust You and not take matters into my own hands since that comes so naturally to my way of thinking and doing things. But as a loving, protecting and omnipotent Father You tenderly care for me as I commit my concerns to You. My unbelief and impatience leads to fearsome worry and unwise behavior. Getting ahead of Your divine plan and perfect timing only leads to more frustration and difficulty. Help me to remember that waiting coupled with prayer brings about growing courage and dependence on You rather than myself. Amen.

A Prayer for a Responsive Heart:

Jesus, day after day, we hear familiar voices and repeated sounds that have become a routine part of our lives. In the midst of all the clamoring noises we want to make time in our busy schedule to become familiar with Your voice so that we’re led by Your spirit in that which we do and say. We want to be quick in hearing Your prompting voice remind us, “This is the way” when tempted to walk in our own ways. We want Your Holy Spirit to convict and bring us to repentance when we have sinned. We also want to be familiar with Your affirming voice that says, “Well done” when we have been obedient to Your beckoning call. Soften our hearts, Lord, so that we not only hear Your voice, but we also feel Your compassion for those whom You bring into our lives today. In Your Name we pray. Amen.


There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

A Prayer for seeing the big Picture:

Father, there is much that we can learn from our temporal problems here on earth that better prepares us for eternity.  As we work through these troubles, they enable us to have the mind of Christ so that attitudes reflecting the fruit of the Spirit become a spontaneous response to the difficulties that challenge us daily.  Just as light, soil, air and moisture are requirements for growth in vegetation so must faith, prayer, self-denial and persistence in obeying God’s Holy Word be requirements for growth in our Christian walk. Help us not to become so caught up in viewing our daily challenges from an earthly perspective that we lose the view of our future home in heaven following the storms we weather here below. We stand in the strength of the Lord Jesus and in the power of His might. Amen.

A Prayer for the Heart:

Father, while the world obsesses over outward appearances such as good looks, muscular bodies or perfect figures Your Word is impassioned with teaching regarding the inner heart; the very character of who we are when no one but You are looking. Help us to be more concerned what You see on the inside than what others view from the outside. Peace, joy and love come from within the soul and no outward adornment, fashion accessory or muscular frame can produce or duplicate those fruit of the Spirit. Help us to be slow to judge and quick to pray for those who are different from us and help us to see them and love them as Jesus does. It is in His name that we pray. Amen.

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

In thanksgiving, we lift our voices of praise from grateful hearts, Father, as we sing songs of praise and adoration to You, our blessed King. Whether in seasons of prosperity or in seasons of want we find Your grace sufficient to meet each one of our needs. You guide us, protect us, and You provide for us as we journey here below. Every good and perfect gift comes from Your hand. Thank You, faithful Father! Amen.

A Prayer for Grace-Filled Speech:

Father, I want the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart to be pleasing to You this day. I pray that my conversation is uplifting so that I build others up rather than tear them down. May I walk and talk with Your grace so that I impart grace to others showing respect, courtesy, and interest in their lives. Just as salt is tasty to food making it more pleasant to eat, I pray that my dialogue is wholesome, making conversation pleasant and beneficial to those who listen.  Amen.

A prayer for observing God’s wondrous works:

“Father, we do extol Your work and praise You with our lips, with our voice and with our devotion to follow You all the days of our lives. We stop and consider Your great wonders and mighty works as we acknowledge You to be the Creator of all things. Your ways are perfect and beyond human understanding. It is all the more reason why we must rely on Your guidance and not lean on our own understanding. Today we acknowledge You in all our ways and ask You to direct our paths and increase our understanding in the name of Jesus.  Amen.”

The prayer of Jabez:

Oh that You will bless me indeed and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me and that You will keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain. 1 chronicles 4: 9-10

(Without the hand of God in my life, then my life is destined to obscurity).

A prayer of thanks to the Rock Of Ages:

Father, when water surges around me or the sand sinks under me Jesus is the immovable and impenetrable eternal Rock on which I can stand. In the midst of trouble He keeps me safe in the cleft of the rock. There no enemy can devour me while I am sheltered, protected and resting in Him. It is in this special place that I find refuge, comfort, protection and rest.  Thank You for this precious provision of security and assurance. Amen.

A prayer for keeping Grace:

Father, I am very grateful for Your continual guidance in my life and for Your steadying hand when the foundations are shaken. Lead me to the towering rock of safety, for You are my safe refuge. In Your presence I find renewed hope, resurging strength and safety beneath the shelter of Your wings! Your unfailing love will uphold me and Your sovereign presence will never leave me nor forsake me. What joyous blessings these promises unfold in my life day by day as You will never lead me where Your grace cannot keep me. Thank You for Jesus in whose name we pray! Amen.

A Prayer Of Thanks For The Cross

Father, we’re grateful for Jesus who provided the answer for the sin problem for all time. Without the cross, there would be no redemption; no forgiveness for our sins; no hope for this life or the next; no sin-free eternity for the redeemed. That which was man’s greatest problem had no earthly fix, but You sent Jesus to be born in a hallowed manger to be the solution to our desperate condition. To those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior, it is a joyous walk. The weight of sin is lifted and the shield of salvation empowers us for Jesus is our Master. But to those who reject Jesus, the weight of sin continues to dominate their lives and enslave them to the schemes of Satan who is their master. We lift high the banner of the cross of Jesus as we walk in His resurrected power, and it is also in His name that we pray. Amen.

A Prayer To The Great One

Father, You are exalted over all the nations and Your glory fills the heavens. You are great and greatly to be praised. There is no other One who sits enthroned in the heavens and yet whose Spirit hears the very sigh of my heart. You hear my prayer before it is even whispered on my lips. You know my need even before I am aware of it and yet Your greatness never keeps me at a distance. Instead, You invite me to approach the throne of grace and have the audience with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, both in seasons of rejoicing and in times of need. Thank You, Almighty One who exists from eternity to eternity. It is through Jesus that we approach You in prayer. Amen.

A prayer of thanks for life:

Father, it is through Jesus that we experience light and life because He came as light into the world and provides abundant life to those who follow Him. May we walk faithfully and earnestly in the light of Christ so that deeds of darkness are exposed wherever we go. May those still walking in darkness be drawn to Your light through the things we say, the songs we sing, the things we set before our eyes and the things we do as we represent You in the home, the workplace and wherever we go. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

A prayer to the One, full of Grace and Truth:

Jesus, thank You for clothing Yourself in flesh and making Your home among Your own creation. You are both God and Man, completely divine and completely human. Rather than coming to us only through written precepts and the revelation of Your Word, You came to us through a Person’s life, something we could tangibly see, physically grasp and personally identify with. You revealed the divine nature and perfect will of the Father through the Person of Jesus Christ. Grace flows through You in those whose lives are spiritually transformed and the lives of those who experience miracles and healings. Thank You for emptying Yourself and taking the nature of a servant as You walked in truth and obedience, knowing that it would lead to death on the cross. We praise You, Jesus, for You are exalted to the highest place.  We believe with joy-filled hearts that You became flesh and lived among us, and You are indeed full of grace and truth. Glory to God in the highest!  Amen.

A Prayer For Trust

Father, Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Help me to journey in faith when the path is dimmed or obscured by that which You have planned for me. When I can only see through a glass darkly, help me to trust You for what is yet to come. May I have a believing, obedient spirit even when I don’t fully understand Your plan. For Your thoughts are not my thoughts nor are Your ways my ways. They are higher and wiser, for they are of divine origin, so help me to be mindful that You always know what’s best and will lead me according to Your will and Your timing. Amen.

Luke 6:32-36 New International Version (NIV)

32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full.35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

A Prayer Of Confidence During Trying Times

Father, we do not have to fear the present nor the future when we place our complete confidence in You and recognize that Your plans prevail. Daily we make our plans but we know that You have the final say. Help us to find comfort in You for the circumstances of life that throw us for a curve, knowing all the while, that You will supply us with the needed resources and spiritual support that leads us to victory so that we can truly proclaim from the depths of our hearts, “All is well!”

A Prayer Of Trust

Father, when I lean on my own understanding I fall prey to thinking in the natural and limit the work of the supernatural. But when I trust You with all my heart I leave no room for second-guessing. Today I want to acknowledge Your presence in every area of my life…family, work, relationships, health, intellect and every other area of my life. You will bring to pass the plans You have for me as I wholeheartedly trust You for all that concerns me. Amen.

A prayer of confidence in God’s love:

Father, we seek to be unwavering in our faith and confident in Your plans for our life as we stand on Your unending promises. You promise never to abandon us; instead You carefully guide us through the steep hills and dark valleys as we cling to You. Even as we daily experienced Your goodness and faithfulness in 2018 we will be sustained by Your constant presence and guidance in our life and in those we love in the new year of 2019. You are faithful and we are grateful that we can stand on the Solid Rock, firm and secure.  It is in the Name of Jesus, we pray.  Amen.

A prayer for the new year:

Father, we are so very thankful for all the blessings we enjoyed over the past year. There were many opportunities for rejoicing and plenty of opportunities for trusting. Your mercies are renewed daily and Your provision is experienced in our lives each moment of every day. We seek You for guidance in the new year and growth in our daily Christian walk. Though we cannot know the future we can have assurance of Your faithfulness because You are a God that does not change. Every promise You’ve made is true as we have seen in the Biblical records. This gives us reason to trust You for the dawning of a new year where we will once again experience Your guiding presence in our daily lives. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Amen.


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