Rules to Have a Better Life and Business

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Rules to Have a Better Life and Business

Some Important Rules to Have a Better Life and Business

I am going to give you some rules to have a better life and business and also make you better in everything else that needs to be improved in your life.

Rule #1

If you think it is a mistake to do something, then never do it.

Don’t try to convince yourself to do something that you know is wrong or at least something in your mind says that you shouldn’t do it.

This can be applied to anything in your life, including business:

If you think a that a business decision is not strong enough, then don’t try to convince yourself to take it.

Skip it.

It is possible that the price moves accordingly even after a weak trade setup that you’ve ignored.

But this is what you never know in advance.

So don’t blame yourself for skipping a weak trade setup that the price follows it strongly later.

Rule #2

Be clear when you talk.

Say exactly what you have in your mind.

Don’t say something different to make the listeners conclude what you have in your mind.

They can’t do it in most cases, and so you will be misunderstood.

Always be clear and straightforward.

Rule #3

Never try to make everybody happy.

You can’t.

Be yourself.

This makes some people happy, and some others unhappy.

This is not your problem at all.

Rule #4

Learn something new every day.

Never stop learning.

Rule #5

Never talk negatively about yourself and the others.

Always talk positive.

If there is nothing positive in something or someone from your point of view, then don’t talk about him/her at all.

If you are not happy with yourself, forgive yourself and talk positive.

This turns you into something that you like.

Rule #6

Never stop trying to make your dreams come true.

If you have a dream, even if it looks too big, do your best to fulfill it.

Even if you can’t make exactly the same dream come true, at least you learn so many things and you gain many smaller achievements while you have been working to achieve your biggest dream.

For example, if you like to make $1,000,000 per month, do your best and work day and night to achieve it.

Even if you reach half of this goal, it is still great and you make $500,000 per month 

But don’t tell me that you had a big goal and you worked so hard toward achieving it but you couldn’t do anything at all.

That simply means you haven’t worked enough.

Rule #7

Never have any problems to say “no” to the others’ requests.

That saves you a lot of time, energy and money most of the time.

If you are not strong enough to say “no” to people, then you have to give away a lot of valuable things including your time and money.

Rule #8

While you learn how to say “no” when you must say “no”, you have to learn to say “yes” to good opportunities, or to help someone when you see that you can do it.

You should be able to reach to a balance in this.

Rule #9

Be kind to yourself.

Love yourself and support yourself with good and positive words and gifts and prizes, especially when you take one more step toward achieving your goals.

You are the best person to support yourself.

Don’t wait for the others to do it for you.

Rule #10

If you can’t control something, leave it alone.

This is an important rule for you Forex and stock traders, because you can’t control the markets to make money for you.

Therefore, you have to wait for them to give you an opportunity to make some money.

That means you don’t push yourself to enter the markets to make money.

You wait for the markets to form a trade setup to give you the chance to make some money.

This rule can also be applied to all the other parts of your life.

If you learn and apply this rule, you will enjoy your life more and you will have less stress.

For example, you can’t and you shouldn’t try to change people.

You should accept them as they are.

If you really can’t accept someone the way he/she is, just leave.

You can only change yourself and your thoughts if you want.

If so, the world around you will change.

So, instead of trying to change the others and the things, try to change yourself and become better and better every day.

Rule #11

Do your best to avoid negative and nasty events and news.

They can affect your life very badly.

They can ruin your inner energy.

As you can’t do anything to change those negative things into positive, hearing them and dealing with them is wasting of time and energy for you.

Those who always follow the negative news, will make their lives negative gradually.

Unfortunately, most of the media are focused on negativity because they know that it attracts more audience, so that they can make more money through the ads.

What you have to note is that you should not allow them to use you and your life as their source of income.

So always be focused on positivity not only to make your own life positive every day, but also to make the world positive.

Rule #12

Never do something that you don’t like, just because you want to make the others satisfied.

What is the point to do something that makes someone happy, but another one (you) unhappy?

It is good to help and support the others.

But you should always keep the balance.

You can’t burn yourself to warm up the others.

Rule #13

Try to forgive.

But don’t forget.

When you forgive, you set yourself free from the negativity that bothers you from inside.

When you let the negativity go, you take a breeze and smile.

It means you are free and you feel comfortable and happy again.

However, you can forgive someone, but you’d better not to forget what he/she has done to you.

They say everybody is worth giving the second chance.

That depends on many things.

Be careful not to be betrayed for the second time by the same person.

If someone cheats you once, it is his fault.

If someone cheats you twice, it is your fault.

Rule #14

Arguing with a stupid person, makes you look stupid too.

That is why we don’t publish the comments that look stupid.

We send them directly to the spam folder, because if we publish them, then we have to answer them.

And, usually good answers don’t satisfy the stupid.

Therefore, he/she keeps on bothering and we have to keep on answering.

Finally, we fail to take him to our level of understanding.

But he succeeds to lower our credit to his level.

So, you should never start an argument with a stupid person.

It only lowers you.

“Never try to explain. Your friends don’t need it. Your enemies don’t believe it.”

Rule #15

Never testify something that you don’t believe.

Sometimes we do this to make the other person happy.

But it is stupid to make someone happy with something stupid that he/she believes but we don’t.

Rule #16

Be kind and nice to those that appreciate.

Some people expect you to be kind to them while they think it is your responsibility.

You don’t have such a responsibility at all.

It is your choice to be kind and nice to people and they have to appreciate it.

If they don’t, you don’t have to keep on helping them.

Rule #17

Avoid someone that you don’t like or you hate.

Life is too short to be wasted on dealing with the people that you don’t like while you can easily deal with those whom you like or at least you don’t hate.

Rule #18

Teach what you know to others.

Teaching has two big advantages.

First, it helps you understand something that you know, better.

When you explain something to someone, you understand it better too.

Second, it helps you learn more and you find out about the things that you don’t know around that subject.

So that you can go and learn them too.

Rule #19

If you are mad at someone or you are upset, you’d better to tell him/her and expect him/her to apologize, instead of not to telling him/her and keeping the problem inside.

That bothers you more and ruins your relationship with that person harder.

Rule #20

Be a good lover and live in the happiest possible way that you can.

Enjoy your life and be happy.

That is the least you can expect from your life.

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