Slack for Marketing-a communication supertool

Slack for marketing enables your ideas all the way to market by keeping everyone on the same page in real time.

Slack is a communication super tool allowing your team to send notifications, get approvals and sign off on the biggest marketing campaigns.

From collaboration to integration, Slack has the capabilities your team needs to prepare the best marketing campaigns yet.

Slack helps you to stay organized with rooms for purposes designated by your team and inviting members on a need-to-know basis so that people don’t get notifications that waste their time.

It serves as a central command post for all resources your team needs.

App integrations to gain valuable insights from customer feedback as well as monitor how your campaigns are performing.

Centralized Communication

Even in remote locations, Slack provides real-time coordination amongst teammates allowing flexibility and availability in your workday.

Define deliverables and discuss what you’ll need in a centralized location.

Create public channels to keep everyone on the same page, or you can create private channels for teammates working on specific tasks that don’t involve the entire organization.

Each channel allows you to set topics, so everyone knows what the channel is for and you can pin messages or files so you can easily find the most important information later.


A great place to get input on marketing strategies and campaigns is from Slack.

Share messages with internal colleagues or clients and emojis make the approval process fun.

Try using a set of eyes to indicate something that needs reviews, or a heart to show how much you love the idea.

Gathering Insights

Data matters for marketing teams and Slack can integrate with a number of marketing tools, enabling you with valuable insights.

By pulling in data from Statsbot, Amplitude, or Google Analytics, you can stay on top of performance metrics and trends to make informed decisions about the direction you’ll take the next campaign.

Pull in stats from SurveyMonkey for the support team or use the MailChimp integration to monitor click-throughs and open rates all on one dashboard.

There are many other APIs available and a talented development team can integrate or enable notifications for almost anything.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is critical to marketing teams.

As you learn more about what the ideal customer in your target market wants, you can build more valuable campaigns to meet their needs.

Use Slack to implement real-time social media mentions, or automatically post tweets to your company’s account.

Post feedback from your company’s help desk tool, or post survey results to a specific Slack channel.


With a centralized dashboard for all of your communication and statistics, you can improve your workflow and make it more efficient.

There are numerous Slack integrations with marketing apps, including:

• Statsbot
• Drift
• GrowthBot
• Ark
• Slaask
• Translate
• Chatlio
• Smallchat
• Mention
• Autopilot
• Drum Meetings
• So much more


Sometimes it takes a village.

If someone else has been there and done that, use their experience to your advantage.

Ask questions, analyze patterns and figure out the best way for your organizations to proceed.

There are Slack communities specifically for this purpose and here are some of the best marking communities:

• Online Geniuses
• Conversion World
• Marketers Chat
• Designer Hangout
• Buffer
• Growmance
• SaaS Community
• Backlinks
• Grey Fedora

The ultimate tool for collaboration is Slack

With integration capability and enhanced communication, marketing teams can get the job done faster with minimal interference.

It is easy to implement Slack and even easier to use, giving you no excuse not to get started today.

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