Site Loading Speed is So Important For SEO Performance

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Site Loading Speed is So Important For SEO Performance

Site loading speed is so Important for SEO performance because it is the first and most important critical element of a positive user experience.

Furthermore, it can either increase or decrease your conversions and hence it can increase or decrease your online revenue.

Website Loading Speed Standard:

Perfect-below 1 second

Good-1-3 seconds

Average-3-7 seconds

Bad-7+ seconds

3 Ways to Benchmark Your Site Speed


Seven Ways to Increase Site Speed:

1.Hosting-the most important factor(wp engine makes life a lot easier)

2.CDN(Content Delivery Network). This delivers content to users around the world using multiple caching servers.

That way, your content can appear in multiple locations all at the same time. By serving a cached version of your content, it decreases loading speed. Examples of this are Cloudflare and MAXCDN.

3.Images-upload images as the size that it’s going to be on your website(this will prevent scaling up or down). Compress images(Optimizilla)

4. Redirects

Audit all redirects(ScreamingFrog SEO Spider)

Clean up internal linking

5. Fix Broken links

Audit your site for broken links.

Make an effort to go through your site and clean them up especially when you move from an unsecured site to a secured site using an SSL certificate.

6. Audit your plugins-particularly on WordPress.

Some may be unused, outdated or not activated.

Can you delete unused plugins

Can you consolidate your plugins-get a macro plugin that can handle many tasks vs a micro plugin that can only handle one task.

Audit our themes as well and delete those themes that are inactive.


Leverage browser caching. W3 Total Cache can handle this for you in WordPress.

WP Engine will handle this automatically for you.

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