Procrastination and Why It Will Make You Die Poor

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procrastination and why it will make you die poor
Procrastination and Why It Will Make You Die Poor

Procrastination and Why It Will Make You Die Poor

Procrastination and why it will make you die poor is very real and has happened to many people.

It’s an almost everyday occurrence.

Ever delayed doing something for “some reason”?

Or for no reason at all?

That’s called procrastinating.

Procrastinating is postponing doing something until when you think you are good to go, a moment that may never seem to come, unfortunately.

And, let’s face it; we’ve all been there!

We’ve all at some point in time put off doing something, and thought twice about starting a business, investing money, blogging, etc.

Sadly, we’ve even experienced the deadly consequences that come with procrastinating.

We’ve witnessed our very own dreams slip through our fingers while we watched helplessly.

Then we were left with an empty feeling; a gap that could never be filled.

The thing is, when an opportunity is gone, sometimes it may be gone for good.

But before I dive into details, I have to explain the procrastinating meaning.

What Exactly Is the meaning of Procrastinating?

Simply put, procrastinating is shelving doing things.

It’s a delay in getting something done, especially things that require immediate attention.

Oftentimes, procrastinating is chronic.

It becomes a habit with time.

No wonder, procrastinators are so used to procrastinating that they don’t seem to realize they are doing it.

They are comfortable procrastinating.

Which is why, in order to quit procrastinating, you need to exercise self-discipline.

Otherwise, you risk being trapped in a never-ending cycle of tabling tasks whenever.

Why Procrastinating Will Make You Die Poor

Believe it or not, procrastinating is one of the reasons you’re going to die poor.

Here’s why:

  • You’re Going to Miss Out On Opportunities

Think of the chances that have slipped through your fingers while you watched helplessly.

They are countless, right?

Yet, some of these opportunities could have been life-changing.

They could have meant a huge turnaround in your life.

They could have made you rich.

Sadly, these opportunities may never come knocking again.

That’s the bitter truth!

Most opportunities show up only once in a lifetime.

When they are gone, they are gone for good.

There’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Your Health Could Be Vulnerable

If you are a chronic procrastinator, anxiety and stress are the order of the day

It’s not uncommon for depression to ensue sooner or later, either.

Depression, if left untreated, is likely to affect other areas of your life.

Which cripples productivity.

This is dangerous!

When you’re not productive, you become a liability.

Before you realize it, you have a mountain of debts following you left, right, and center.

That’s what procrastinating can do.

It can mean more harm than good.

  • Your Self-Esteem Could Weaken

The moment you start procrastinating, your self-esteem could be affected negatively.

It may start to weaken.

Why is that?

While procrastinating, you are prone to spend loads of time wallowing in self-pity, wondering why you can’t make it, despite having all it takes.

Sooner or later, you start thinking you are the problem, perhaps.

Eventually, the “why me?” questions show up (these never miss!).

It’s these unanswered questions that are the source of a weakening self-esteem.

Especially because when you look around you, everyone else seems to be doing just fine (working on their tasks without having to postpone them), except you.

Note that the more your self-esteem deteriorates, the more you are likely to procrastinate.

As a result, as time goes by, chances are high you are unlikely to accomplish a considerable task in life.

Then you end up dying poor.

  • Your Goals May Not Be Realized

Maybe you really want to change or achieve something in life (we all do).

Perhaps, you have your goal set and are good to go.

But, somehow, you just can’t seem to get started.

There’s just this overwhelming resistance that shows up suddenly, from the blues.

Eventually, you end up not taking that first step.

And, your dream dies from within, unborn.

Your goal is left undone.

That’s how procrastinating is sure to make you die poor.

It’s through achieving our goals that we better our lives, isn’t it?

  • Your Performance Is Likely to Diminish

Oftentimes, procrastinators will tend to rush through jobs during the last minute.

Call it “working under pressure” if you like.

Yet, the truth remains: it is dashing through tasks.

Moreover, it has a price to pay: a poor performance.

Picture the following scenario:

You have an entire week to work on a task.

But procrastination gets in your way almost immediately.

You start thinking to yourself that you don’t need to get started right away.

Before you realize it, you are left with just a day to go.


You are forced to rush through the task in order to beat the looming deadline.

The result?

A haphazard performance.

You know what this is going to do to you?

Cost you similar projects in the future.

  • You May Not Recover the Time Lost

It goes without saying procrastinating is a time waster.

While you’re busy procrastinating, time is busy moving.

How many times have you wondered where all the time has gone once there’s a looming deadline?

Yes, time flies, people.

And, because time is money, when it’s gone, it’s gone with the money.

This is yet another way procrastinating can make you live from hand to mouth.

  • Your Reputation Could Be Ruined

If you’re always procrastinating, you could be putting your reputation at risk.

In no time, people will know you for who you really are: always shelving tasks to work on them at a later date.

Consequently, if you are a freelancer especially, people will start thinking twice when it comes to assigning you tasks.

Which is enough to send you begging for money.

You don’t want to get here, do you?

  • Your Career Might Be Jeopardized

So you are seated at your work desk.

And, you’re staring into the mountain of targets that you haven’t met for weeks (or even months).

And, you’re probably wrestling with your mind for an explanation to give to your boss.

Clearly, you are trapped.

And here’s why you may be doomed, too:

Chances of you getting promoted are almost nil.

Or, worse still, you risk being shown the door.

No boss wants employees sleeping on their job, right?

That’s how the sharp thorns of procrastinating will find their way into your flesh, piercing into the tenderest meat, deeply and mercilessly.

What Causes Procrastinating?

Procrastination doesn’t just happen.

It is triggered.

Yet, it’s not surprising that most procrastinators are ignorant of the causes of procrastination.

They find themselves entrapped without knowing exactly how they got there.

However, did you know some of the reasons you’re procrastinating are related to everyday experiences.

For example…

1.Wanting to Be a Perfectionist

While there may be nothing wrong with exercising perfectionism, it may well cost you that goal you are so dying to achieve.

It might cause you to procrastinate.

Oftentimes, in your endeavors to becoming a perfectionist prior to embarking on a task, you may find you’re putting off doing the task for a considerable period of time.

Yes, ages: perfectionism doesn’t come in a day, does it?

Eventually, when you feel your perfectionism is at its best and you’re good to go, you suddenly become reluctant, again.

What could be holding you back this time?

The answer is simple.

It’s the feeling that your perfectionism isn’t refined just yet.

That you need one more skill, or two, in order to spruce up things, again.

Sooner or later, you end up not doing the entire task altogether.


This why you want to be wary of perfectionism, especially when your task requires immediate attention.

2.The Fear to Fail

Some people procrastinate because they question their competency.

They are in doubt if they are ever going to make it.

They think they just don’t have what it takes.

The “what are people going to say” mentality is written right in their forehead.

The humiliation that is sure to ensue afterwards can’t seem to escape their mind either.

It’s pretty clear their mind is made up, for the worst!

If you fall in this category, chances are high you’re never going to attempt doing anything.

Yes, anything.

A Predisposition Against Specific Tasks

Procrastination is borne when you have an inclination against certain tasks.

This is when you already have a fixed mind-set that certain tasks can never be a success.

No matter what!

It could be because other people have had a difficult time handling these tasks in the past.

Or, the outcome has never been really fruitful.

You know what you’re doing?

You are merely moving with the masses.

Which is dangerous!

It could turn you into a chronic procrastinator, if you aren’t one already.

The Focus Isn’t Just There

Maybe you are trying to get a task done.

You have everything you need to get started, even.

You are good to go.

But the focus isn’t just there.

Note that a lack of focus alone is enough for you to procrastinate.

But why exactly can’t you focus?

Chances are high you are not getting a good night’s sleep.

Or, your diet is lacking.

Or, worse yet, your workout regimen is wanting.

A healthy lifestyle is key if you want to keep your focus.

How to Stop Procrastinating

Maybe you are here because you want to stop procrastinating.

Rest assured you can do it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a chronic procrastinator or not.

You only need to know one thing: the reason you’re procrastinating.

Then work your way around it to limit the distractions it might have on your productivity.

Whether it’s perfectionism, fear of failure, an inclination against certain tasks, or a lack of focus, it doesn’t need to cripple your productivity.

Here’s how you can stop procrastinating:

Consider the Time Factor That’s Tied Around Perfectionism

Perfectionism comes with a price tag attached: the precious time it steals from you.

Learn from my story:

Until of late, perfectionism has always stood in the way of my activities.

But, the major blow came when I couldn’t get started on my writer website.


All I wanted was nothing short of flawlessness.

So my journey to perfectionism began.

I started reading e-books upon e-books, attended countless webinars and I even enrolled for multiple online lessons.

But, I couldn’t make that first step, even, irrespective of the nagging persistence that stayed on.

I felt I was still that novice who needed to pull up their socks and felt I needed to do a lot more.

I also felt I needed to master a few more skills, in addition to what I’d already grasped.

Before I realized it, it was almost two years since.

Yet, I was still holding tight onto my “perfectionism”.

It was disturbing!

Then I decided to give perfectionism a second thought.

Sooner or later, I discovered that I have to start first before perfectionism comes in.

Perfectionism has to get me on the way.

And yes, you guessed it right, I got started.

How I did it?

I’m not sure.

I just got started.

The rest, like they say, is history.

The thing is, unless you take that first step, perfectionism could stand in your way.

Sometimes, for good!

Is Fear of Failure Really Worth It?

If fear of failure is the reason behind you procrastinating, you need to rethink it.

Remind yourself that all the successful people out there were once but a bunch of failures.

Then they knew only too well that they had to start from somewhere.

They also understood that it didn’t matter whether they succeeded or failed.

All they cared about was putting their best forward.

And that, my friend, is the mentality you should cultivate if you’re looking to overcome this ugly monster called “fear of failure”.

Look at fear straight in the eye and think about all the pain it has caused you.

Think about all the opportunities it has made you lose.

Then put this fear behind you in order to take that first step.

And, guess what?

You should get started on that task you’ve been postponing for ages.

If this is not enough to stop you from procrastinating, you need to see the doctor!

Recoil from Preconceived Notions Against Certain Tasks

While you may be pretty sure that specific tasks have had little success in the past, it is not enough reason to turn your back against them.

Even if there is considerable history to back you up.

Whatever went wrong in the past isn’t guaranteed to go wrong in the present.

Times are different.

People are different too.

It could be that you just don’t know you boast a greater potential to succeed than your former competitors.

Maybe you have no idea the world is waiting for you to change history.

You are the one who has to open the new page.

So, come on!

Bypass the pitfalls that have made others fail in the past.

Grab your opportunity with both hands and be the change the globe has been longing for.

Yes, you can!

Spot Distractions and Handle them Beforehand

Distractions are the things that can shift your focus from working on your goals.

And, because you know yourself better, you can spot easily these distractions.

No one can do it better than you.

So, start now.

If it’s your diet that’s lacking, making you lose your focus, consider visiting a nutritionist for some advice.

If it’s insufficient sleep that’s the devil, please ensure you are getting a good night’s sleep.

Or, if your muscles are pretty stiff you can hardly lift your limbs, then you need to recheck your workout.

Walk Away from Undesirable Friends

Maybe your friends are cynics of all time.

They keep on spitting venom whenever you are just about to embark on a task.

You, probably, have fallen prey to their negativity a couple of times.

And, now, you can barely focus on key jobs.

What should you do?

Walk away!

Simply show your “friends” your back.

It is wise to not have friends than surround yourself with brooding vipers.

Friends should be there to lift you up when you are down.

They should revitalize your spirits and urge you to carry on, even when it’s clear you’re not going to make it.

On  a side note…

It’s possible I may not have mentioned other things that could be detrimental to your focus.

Think of anything that may be shifting your attention elsewhere other than the intended job. And, be sure to solve the underlying problem.

You can use the services of a professional if you like.

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