The Most Famous MLM Companies

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The most famous MLM companies
The Most Famous MLM Companies

The Most Famous MLM Companies:

MLM Companies have been mushrooming across the world.

Irrespective of the kind of money they make for their representatives, they are growing.

Their popularity is essentially on the basis of the products they choose.

Often the unique concepts and the expectation of the people add to their valuation.

There is also a degree of aspirational value that’s attached to these companies.

The most famous MLM companies are invariably the ones that sell a unique concept.

Often it is this novelty element that supports its growth.

Sometimes it can also be the relative difference in approach.

The concept is all about how effectively you can sell the product and how many you can sell.

But not all companies can get the right mix.

While there are some that falter in the product conception, there are execution issues for others.

This is exactly why there is some special about the most famous companies.

These firms have been able to create sustainable business models.

In some cases, like that of Avon, they have managed to continue the business successfully.

It is not that the product is exceptionally great.

But the point is the company has managed to maintain revenues thus far.

This is why the list of most famous MLM companies is a saga of some brilliant business models.

Whatever, the target business is, they have executed it appropriately.

The idea is to sell it to the potential customers in the right manner.

That is what keeps the demand cycle going.

Moreover, the warm circles are the first go to destinations for any MLM business.

That is why these businesses have to be such that can easily sustain the interest in these circles.

Ultimately, this is what sustains long-term sustainability to a large extent.

Most Famous MLM Companies

Here is the list of the most famous MLM companies:

  1. Amway
  2. Young Living Essential Oils
  3. Jeunesse
  4. DoTerra
  5. Le-vel Thrive
  6. Avon
  7. GiraCoin


In any list of most famous MLM companies, this ranks high up.

This is not just because of the type of global revenue that it clocks.

It is also because of the way it has made the MLM concept a household affair.

From good living to good looks, Amway’s product range includes everything.

The overall revenue is the best reflection of their unique business model.

Needless to mention that sales have now risen above $8 billion.

There is often a claim about Amway representatives buying the bulk of them.

What you cannot deny is that they do a great quality product.

Perhaps that is exactly why they have been able to maintain their own in this industry for more than 50 years.

But what’s unique is the way, the company has learned to adapt to new challenges.

If you see their 2018 growth plans, they are actively scouring opportunities through a digital platform.

They are constantly expanding their investment through these digital platforms.

Most importantly, they are also looking at ways to enhance their online distributor tools.

As a result of these initiatives, the new product launches are bettering expectation.

They have been able to make successful inroads in most global markets.

South Korea and Thailand are some of the most important markets outside US.

But they have also maintained steady progress in challenging destinations like China.

They are involved in skin care products, household goods and healthy living alternatives.

Perhaps the product range is one of Amway’s strongest points.

You cannot fault the company for their quality.

This is what continues to maintain the long-term momentum to a large extent.

The business is progressing through a steady mix of local e-commerce digital footprints and global initiatives.

The idea is to maintain steady growth across markets.

  1. Young Living Essential Oils

If you are looking for famous MLM companies, it is hard to ignore this.

Though a relatively new entrant, it is already a market leader in its niche.

Yes, this company is the world leader in the essential oil business.

If you see data 2015 onwards, the company has clocked revenue above $1 billion every year.

In fact, the 5-year growth chart highlights stupendous 800% growth for the company.

It is in business for close to 25 years now.

In 2018, the year to date increase in sales is already over 30%.

Their specialty is essential oil and renewed interest in it.

People across the world are becoming more and more health conscious.

Young Living provides them the Elixir to make headway in this context.

They have a unique seed to seal technology furthering their sales.

This is what helps them provide alternatives for every kind of lifestyle and families.

This is what helps maintain the long-term demand portfolio.

The company’s growth can well be gauged by their global footprints.

They have over 4 million members since the business started.

Moreover, their global employees’ count is now close to 3000.

That apart they are now shipping to a strong 130+ markets.

That is not all.

The company is also effectively operational in 22 markets.

The strong control over the complete oil production helps them ensure great quality.

What makes them a reliable product is, of course, this strong control.

They have essential oils that are genuine and free of harmful chemicals.

While the money-making potential of this MLM is questionable, the product is undeniably great.

You have to, however, accept the reality that MLM is not a profitable concept for every member.

Some will make a lot of money while others may not do so.

  1. Jeunesse

This is another top-rated MLM company that you may have heard about.

They are also in the wellness business.

The company specializes in nutritional and skincare products.

Their exclusive items help them take forward the youth enhancement range in a comprehensive way.

As you see a steady 30% year on year growth, you can understand the true mettle of this company.

They use new age technology and a variety of innovation to take the growth forward.

Moreover, they specialize in a niche that can ever see the waning of interest.

After all, most of us want to look good and feel younger.

Jeunesse is helping further this idea in over 140 markets at the moment.

What’s really spurred their recent growth is the string of football sponsorships.

These deals have given them the much needed global recognition.

Moreover, it gives their brands a distinct sense of credibility.

Additionally, it also helps them reach out to a large body of audience in one go.

Think of a football stadium.

It can have anywhere between 30,000-80,000 audience in one go.

The sponsorships help them reach out to this huge body of potential customers in just one go.

Perhaps the most striking one is the multi-year sponsorship deal with the Turkish club, Galatasaray.

This football club is one of Europe’s best known and most famed football club.

So it creates a distinct advantage for one of the fastest growing MLM companies.

The strategy of introducing the brand on a far-reaching global platform seems to be paying off.

The revenue has not just stayed consistently over $1 billion; there are other advantages too.

The company has won recognition for the second consecutive year at the AVA Digital Awards.

This undeniably projects an impressive picture of the overall business model of this MLM Company.

  1. DoTerra

An innovative US-based organization, they are one of the most famous MLM Companies.

The chances are someone has already spoken to you about their flameless candles.

Or better still, you are already a member of the affiliate networking program here.

They also address the now famous niche, essential oils.

Just like Jeunesse, though they operate out of a small US province, they have managed global reach.

Their growth is primarily channelized through consistent growth and awareness about the healthy lifestyle.

Their global network now comprises of over 5 million customers.

The revenue for the company tops $700 million.

Projections indicate that it is steadily clocking 10% + increase in sales every year.

That does not just indicate a steady rise in sales.

At a different level, it also indicates a sound strategy to attract a continuous flow of customers.

A fair compensation plan for local growers and stable supply chain enhances their sales.

It is said to help maintain a strong control over their unique single-plant formulations.

This has undeniably made sure that the company gradually enhances its global presence.

The range of their oil-infused offerings includes home care range as well.

This is in addition to their personal care options and the dietary solutions that they specialize in.

The recent partnership in Bulgaria is said to be a crucial revenue trigger too.

They have entered a unique pact to distill Lavender and Mellissa apart from many other essential oils.

It does not just add to their global supply chain.

It also establishes the brand as a credible social participant.

The association in Bulgaria is seen as crucial in supporting the local youth.

So members can also take pride in being associated with a socially uplifting cause.

On-time payment and fair pricing are two great advantages of this brand.

  1. Le-vel Thrive

This company is one of the fastest growing MLM companies.

To add to that repertoire, it is also amongst the most famous MLM companies.

What is particularly striking are the search results on the internet.

A quick random search hardly mentions the word scam in any of the search results.

This goes on to establish that it is famous primarily based on the quality of the compensation plan.

Of course, this is in addition to the quality of the product it offers.

You cannot deny that is undeniably the key growth driver for any genuine MLM player.

It is essentially a health supplement manufacturer.

Their promised health awareness campaign and weight loss program is the cardinal growth driver.

They have dermal patches, health capsules and shakes in the comprehensive health package.

The herbal extracts in their ingredients are what is said to create the unique efficiency.

However, that said these products are not entirely herbal.

They do have certain chemical constituents too.

Their 8-week Thrive Experience is the most talked about concept.

It does not just allow people to lose weight and gain confidence.

In many ways, this is what has helped the company maintain close to 30% sales momentum.

Most scientific researchers also support their claims about the success rate of metabolism boosters.

The compensation plan in tandem with this helps representatives maintain the sales momentum.

Moreover, caffeine and green tea are globally famous for triggering higher rates of metabolism.

Needless to mention that this company latches on this fundamental factor for enhancing sales.

The base level compensation package costs about $200.

From then on members have to maintain a steady sales volume close to 100 units for earning money.

The 20% retail discount to members is said to attract new members to their kitty.

  1. Avon

Any mention of famous MLM companies is incomplete without reference to Avon.

In many ways, it is the grand old dame of the MLM community.

They are primarily into beauty and skin care solutions but have been consistently diversifying.

In terms of sales, Avon is second only to Amway.

However, over the past two or three years, sales have been significantly slow.

The company has responded to it by cutting down its operation.

But the good news is that they maintain their lead in their core bellwether markets.

As a result of this, the sales momentum has not suffered too badly.

Moreover, Avon now services close to 200 markets globally.

Apart from other innovation, they are also actively adapting to the digital push.

This beauty product specialist is already making inroads through the digital sales platform.

Apart from their own MLM based digital sales platform, they are augmenting sales via retail websites.

This means the sales triggers are not just affiliate marketing by MLM representatives.

It now includes a fair bit of retail customers who buy from neutral online e-commerce websites.

This is seen as a major boost for the sagging sales in many of its core markets globally.

  1. GiraCoin

This also is top rated in the list of famous MLM companies.

In terms of revenue, the current reading is close to $2 million.

But what makes this cryptocurrency based MLM company shine is the sheer momentum growth.

Reviewers have consistently top rated the company on a sustainable basis.

It essentially cashes in on the momentum in the cryptocurrency space.

This is a concept that users feel gives them the option to be successful and rich at the same time.

Interested members can start an investment with capital as low as $60 in this firm.

Most reviews speak favorably about the compensation plan.

This is undeniably what makes the company stand out amidst competition.

The exceptional customer support team is said to maintain the growth momentum for this company.

However, that said information about the exact product line-up is rather vague.

Though in terms of momentum, Giracoin scores favorably, fundamental information is scant.

The website says precious little about the range of opportunities that they peddle.

However, it is quite clear that retail sales contribute to the revenue significantly.

In fact, they comprise of the maximum revenue share.

This is considered to be primarily driven by the exceptional compensation plan.

Well, this is a typical MLM in this context.

Like most other MLM companies, participants can earn a lot through getting more members.

Their affiliate program is constantly attracting new potential customers and representatives.

Overall there are more 10 different compensation packages to choose from.

The tokens that affiliates bag are converted into GiraCoins.

However, the value of these GiraCoins is determined by the company.

GiraCoin also maintains its access close to 10% referral commission.

Affiliates also get to earn from residual commission on investment.

These are the two fundamental ways to enhance their return on investment.


Therefore, the list of famous MLM companies is a comprehensive list.

It does not just comprise of a certain type of product specialties.

The core idea is that that it includes all types of products that attract consumers.

Needless to mention, health, wellness and finances are the clear winners.

These have been traditionally associated with steady consumer demand and higher sales.

The idea is not just having a great product but being able to sell it successfully.

A robust compensation plan is often a key requisite in this case.

This is what takes the company’s growth forward.

In many ways, this also maintains the overall sales performance.

The global reach is also crucial in maintaining a steady growth for MLM companies.

All of these together help create a comprehensive list of famous MLM companies.

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