Marketing with Periscope to grow your business

Marketing with Periscope is a great tool to use to grow your business and customer base.

Even though the application interconnects with Twitter, it provides innovative ways to connect with potential customers and followers.

Live streaming is slowly becoming a player in the social media market.

While it hasn’t experienced the explosion Instagram and other social media platforms have, it has shown steady incremental increases.

Let’s discuss some of the ways your company can use live streaming for marketing purposes.

Unveiling New Products

When it comes to unveiling new products, there are many options from which to choose.

You can do a live product release with a clever unboxing.

Another option would be to talk about key points and features of your product.

You could also do a reveal with a beta or prototype device, providing a firsthand peek at your newest offering.

Answer questions and interact with your customers to show them you’re connected and engaged with them.

Go Behind the Scenes

Another way to connect with followers is to take them on a trip behind the scenes.

Whether it’s a quick tour of your personal life or a sneak peek into what goes on behind the curtain, followers are always eager to know more.

A great way to kick off a behind the scenes tour is with a quick Q&A session.

Letting followers ask the questions they’ve always wanted answered allows you to engage with them.

You can also provide immediate insights into upcoming items and request feedback for them.

Real-Time Customer Support

Periscope is a fantastic tool to leverage a customer support strategy.

Use this media platform to change the way your customers view their support experience.

One key feature to focus on is the ability for Periscope to record content.

This allows your customers to play a video back at a later time which is extremely helpful when correcting an issue takes multiple steps.

Brand Decisions

To boost customer loyalty, let them have a decision in the development or design of your product.

Including followers in the decision-making is a great way to make them feel invested in your products.

Involve followers by allowing them to vote on a particular feature or start a brainstorming session around a new product.

By being a part of the creation process, customers are more likely to turn to you for other options for their future needs.

Create Tutorials

In addition to live-streaming new products and services or going behind the scenes, you can use Periscope to offer a real-time tutorial or training session.

When you teach someone something for free, you are viewed as an expert in your field and gain instant credibility.

This has a twofold impact.

First, you’re showing that you know your industry, which will create more follows and brand loyalty.

Second, you’re showing what it’s like to work with you and your business which will result in inquiries from other clients or companies.

Live Events

We’ve mentioned that you can use Periscope to live stream product launches and releases but you can also use it to showcase live events.

This can be something as simple as an impromptu question and answer session or a planned panel discussion with industry leaders.

When used correctly, Periscope is a useful tool for driving both customer growth and consumer loyalty.

But don’t just stick with what you’ve seen or heard.

Find new and innovative ways for Periscope to work for you and your business.

Periscope isn’t as popular as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram…yet.

This is your opportunity to create unique and different content for your customers.

Pioneer new relationships with your followers and show them something they’ve never seen before.

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