Manage Your Audience with MailChimp

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Manage Your Audience with MailChimp

Manage you audience with MailChimp since it allows you to store and manage your lists and gives you the tools you need to grow your audience.

The foundation of every great marketing campaign is a clean, reliable list of contacts who are engaged and have permitted you to contact them.

You can create as many lists as you want but the easiest way to maintain the information is to create one list and then use segments and groups to keep them organized based on the criteria you choose.

Managing Lists

Each contact you enter into MailChimp has their own profile containing social data, location, history and other information that may be useful for segmenting or targeting.

Maintaining one manageable list of all of your contacts is far more accessible than creating multiple lists based on specific criteria because people are continually changing and evolving.

Your list will do the same as your contacts become more familiar with your product, grow their own business or create a history of using your product.

List performance metrics is provided by MailChimp as well.

Maintaining one list allows you performance metrics across all of your contacts, regardless of segmentation.

Thus you can easily see at a glance subscriber activity, click rate, open rate, growth, and campaign performance.


MailChimp’s segmentation tools allow you to create targeted campaigns based on a number of factors, including interest, location, demographic information, activity, purchase history, and more.

By doing this, you increase the relevance of your emails and drastically improve your open and click rates.

Three different kinds of segments are allowed my MailChimp: auto-update, static, and pre-built.

Auto-update lists automatically update as new users meet the criteria you’ve selected for the list.

A static segment contains users that met a certain quality at the time you created the list.

It does not auto update or move users in and out of the list based on whether they meet that criteria today.

Pre-built lists allow you to automatically generate a list based on information you select in advance.

MailChimp will move subscribers in and out of the list as they meet or no longer meet the criteria, enabling you to target these customers with just one click.


You can also set up groups to categorize people by their interests or preferences.

For example, if you own a software as a service company and you have a list of customers who have requested specific feature updates, you can categorize them as such.

You can then update them as these things become available at the click of a button, without having to remember which customers requested which features.

Sign Up Forms

Sign up forms help to improve your target marketing by allowing potential subscribers to opt-in and easily enter their information and preferences from a number of devices.

Automating the signup process gives you more time to create your campaigns while it works to build your lists with the appropriate subscribers.

MailChimp will also allow you to set up Facebook Custom Audiences, letting you target your MailChimp subscribers with Facebook ads that are relevant to them.

The Facebook Custom Audiences feature syncs directly with your MailChimp lists and is available to any business advertising on Facebook.

Automate Your Marketing

With all of these features at your disposal, MailChimp is the perfect way to build and grow your email marketing campaign.

It’s easy to use, dynamic when you need it to be and allows for customization that other platforms don’t.

You’ll find managing your lists fast and straightforward and it will give you more time to focus on the content of your campaigns rather than who you’re sending them to.


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