How To Make Money on Facebook

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What Is the Right Way to Make Money on FaceBook?

How to Make Money on Facebook

The answer to the question as to whether FaceBook ads make money or not, is NO.

I mean it is not possible to make money posting ads on FaceBook, the way that some people claim.

But, please read this article to the end, because I am going to tell you how it is possible to make money on FaceBook.

And, if FaceBook ads don’t work and are wasting of time and money, then is there really a way to make money from FaceBook and its massive traffic?

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Why Don’t FaceBook Ads Make Money?

The reason is that people don’t go to FaceBook to buy something, nor do they go there to find a solution for a problem or an answer for a question.

They don’t even go there to learn something.

FaceBook is completely different from the sites like YouTube.

There are so many who refer to YouTube to learn something or find a solution for a problem.

But FaceBook hardly has such an application for the public.

Some people upload educational videos on FaceBook too.

But people watch these videos accidentally.

For most people, FaceBook is just a place to chat, find new friends, connect to old friends… and things like that.

FaceBook is more of an entertainment website.

Most professionals and those who don’t want to make the most of every second of their time, avoid FaceBook, because FaceBook is a big time waster.

I am sure you’ve noticed this as well.

Once you refer to FaceBook, you get busy with the photos, people, useless videos and things like that.

You wake up and see that several minutes of your time was wasted.

So you get out and close the FaceBook tab.

It is the same for 99% of people.

Therefore, posting ads on FaceBook usually don’t make any money, because nobody bothers to order anything.

People ignore and skip the ads.

You can target special categories of the FaceBook users.

You can even target special countries, cities and areas.

But this also doesn’t help you make money from your ads.

So, doesn’t it mean that you can never make any money with FaceBook as one of the biggest websites over the Internet?

You can make money with FaceBook, but not the way that most people say.

Indeed, the best way to make money with FaceBook, is free.

How to Make Money on FaceBook

As I explained above, FaceBook is not where you can sell something to people so easily.

However, it is still possible to make money on FaceBook and even by posting ads on it.

What you have to keep in mind is that you can’t just sign up for an account with FaceBook and then make money by posting ads on it.

Such  advertising will be wasting of time and money.

Although advertising on FaceBook can be much cheaper than the other online advertising platforms like Google Adwords, still it is not cheap and can cost you a lot.

Therefore, make sure not to spend any money on FaceBook as long as you don’t know the right way of making money with it:

  1. Create a FaceBook Page

FaceBook can be a big help for the business owners.

 It is a great help for those who have an online business.

You can see that all the websites have a FaceBook page where people can like and follow.

A Facebook page is where you can easily communicate with your followers.

You can inform them about the events, new products, posts and articles and anything you want your followers to know.

After creating a FaceBook page, you can post the widgets or icons on your site and invite the website visitors to like your page and follow you.

After a while, you will have a community of your fans on FaceBook.

You can communicate with your website followers and fans through a mailing list and RSS feed too.

However, a FaceBook page looks like a must, because there are so many who visit their FaceBook home page several times per day, sometimes even more than they check their emails.

– The Advantages of Creating a Community of Your Fans on FaceBook

Creating a FaceBook community is the first step of using the FaceBook’s potential to make money.

And, as I explained, this has to be done through creating a FaceBook page.

Please note that FaceBook pages are different from the FaceBook personal accounts.

Almost everybody has a FaceBook account nowadays.

But a FaceBook page is a separate place where you can create on FaceBook and through your FaceBook account.

You can name your page anything you want.

Your FaceBook page will be a place that is focused on your business.

You don’t use a FaceBook page to communicate with your friends.

You use it to keep your business fans updated.

– Building a Line of Trust

A FaceBook page creates a community of people who like to hear from you and your business.

Most of these people are interested in your website, the products and services that you offer and your business.

It is more likely that these people buy your products or services, compared to the other FaceBook users who don’t know you, your page, your site or blog and your products and services.

After a while of following you on FaceBook that also helps them have access to your site or blog easier, and if you offer good solutions to their problems, they will trust you more and more every day.

Therefore, they will pay for your products and services with peace of mind.

To make money on Facebook you have to offer good and strong products and services which resolve your followers’ problems.

Give money back guarantees to ensure reassurance about what you are offering.

  1. Make It Easy for People to Like Your FaceBook Page

Creating a FaceBook page is not enough.

You have to make it easy for people to like it and follow you through it.

There are some good ways to do this.

  1. Choose a Short Name and URL for Your FaceBook Page

Try to have your FaceBook page’s name and URL, short, easy to remember and enter to the web browsers address bar.

It has to be as short as possible, because you will have to insert it on your business cards and your email signature:

Yes, FaceBook has a very short URL at that redirects to its main URL at

Therefore, to keep your page URL as short as possible, you can use the when you want to insert your FaceBook page address on your business cards, flyers, ads and also in your email signature.

Having your FaceBook page URL in your business cards, ads, flyers, brochures and also in your email signature, helps more people find your page and follow you on FaceBook.

  1. Place Your FaceBook Page Widget and Icon on Your Site

This is what all webmasters and blogger do.

It is the best way to redirect people to your FaceBook page.

Using the FaceBook widgets, your website visitors can like the page to follow you, without leaving your site, because some of these widgets have the like button that will be displayed on your website pages.

By clicking on the like button, people will opt in to follow you on your FaceBook page without having to leave your site.

This method is free and is the most efficient way to build your FaceBook community from the people who know you and your site.

  1. Promote Your Page on FaceBook

You can pay FaceBook to bring your FaceBook page ad before the eyes of the FaceBook users.

It is not a free method and it is becoming more expensive every day.

Although it can help you grow your FaceBook community, it is not an efficient and effective way.


First, because it is a paid method and is expensive.

You are not going to make money through your FaceBook pages so easily.

It has a long process.

Therefore, the money you spend on FaceBook ads, doesn’t return so easily.

Second, those who like your page through the paid ads, will not be quality followers.

They don’t know you.

They just click on the like button when they see your ad.

Many of them know nothing about you, your website and your products and services.

There are so many FaceBook users who like any page they see without following them properly.

Many of them even don’t know what liking a page means.

They don’t know that they will see your page’s posts on their FaceBook home page, if they like your page.

As they like so many pages every day, they don’t pay any attention to the pages’ posts and updates.

Therefore, you are paying for something that won’t have any return.

Of course, you can narrow down your ad’s target to the people who have special interests that are closer to your page’s missions and topic.

At the same time, you can even focus your ad on some special countries and areas.

But still it is not worth to spend money on ads, because you are not going to get quality fans.

Someone who knows you, your website, and your products and services is a good fan for your FaceBook page.

He shares your posts with his friends and followers who have so many things in common with him.

And this is a big help to grow your FaceBook community easier, faster and for free.

  1. Promote Your FaceBook Page Posts

In addition to promoting your FaceBook page through the paid ads, you can also promote each of your page posts.

This is a good way to attract the FB users attentions to your posts.

But as I mentioned above, it is not a free method.

It is expensive and is becoming more and more expensive every day.

These ads are the FaceBook’s source of income after all.

They make money through these ads.

There was nothing wrong with paying FaceBook to help your community grow faster, if it would have the results that you expected to see.

But as I explained above, advertising your business, website, blog, and your products and services, on FaceBook, makes no money.

Or even if it does, it doesn’t leave you any profit.

So you’d better to forget it.

Unfortunately, many of the so-called internet marketing gurus, exaggerate about the money they make through posting ads on FaceBook, because they want to sell their courses to you.

I am not saying that you can’t make any money with FaceBook.

You have to do it the right way, not by blindly spending a lot of money on advertising.

I will explain more in this article.

Please keep reading 

Therefore, the free methods of promoting your FB page, like having the icons and widgets on your site and having your page URL on your business cards and ads and email signature, are the best.

  1. Offer Strong Products and Services

While you are promoting your FaceBook page and growing your community through the methods I explained above, you should have proper products and services to offer.

Without having strong products and services, you are not going to make any money.

How are you going to make money when there is nothing offered on your site that is worth spending any money?

Products and services that resolve people’s problems are the best.

You have to be able to resolve the problems.

You have to be able to offer good solutions for the problems that people have, otherwise nobody is going to pay any attention to you, your site and your FaceBook page.

It is great if you are able to create such products and services on your own.

It is great if you are expert in something and you can resolve the related problems for people.

Then people will pay you to resolve their problems.

And if the products and services you sell, really resolves the buyers’ problems, they will appreciate you and will recommend you to the others.

First, you have to give them the trust and the confidence they need to have, if they want to pay you.

You have to assure them that your products and services are some good solutions for the problems they have.

Second, you have to assure them that you will return their money if they decide that what they have bought from you, doesn’t work for them.

If so, they will pay you with peace of mind.

What If You Can’t Create Such Products and Services on Your Own?

You can sell the others’ products and services and make commissions.

You can buy those products and services, use them and then sell them to the others, and make commissions if you are happy.

A product that satisfies you and resolves some problems for you, can do the same for the others too.

Therefore, you promote them on your site and FaceBook page.

– Selling High-Ticket Products

High-ticket or big-ticket products are so profitable, because they have a much larger return.

Your profit margin is strongly dependent on the products and services you offer.

If you can create big-ticket products and services on your own, then you are several steps ahead of those who try to make a living through selling small-ticket products.

If you can’t create such products, then you can easily sell the others’ high-ticket products as an affiliate to make commissions.

This is a lot easier to make money because the vendor takes care of the buyers and offering the products and services they buy.

Creating the high-ticket products needs investing millions of dollars which is what most people can’t afford to do.

Therefore, it is good to make money on the others’ high-ticket products.

I will explain more about this later in this article.

I am going to write a more detailed article on high-ticket products.

So make sure to submit your email to receive the notification.

High-ticket products are the products that can make you a millionaire.

So if you like to make the most of your time and effort on promoting your site, blog, FaceBook page and other things you do, you have to sell the high-ticket products.

  1. Make Money on FaceBook

After following the above steps, FaceBook helps you make more sales and more money.

Still you don’t have to spend any money on FaceBook ads.

When your FaceBook community grows and reaches a reasonable number of fans, they will spend money on your products and services.

It is a process which can be long sometimes.

On one hand, new fans have to be added to your FB community every day.

On the other hand, your fans should keep on following you until they know you more and reach the level that they can trust you and spend money on your products and services.

While this process keeps on moving and repeating, you can also advertise your products on your own FaceBook page and for your fans to attract their attention  more.

FaceBook has some options to do this.

You can create paid ads that FaceBook displays and offers to your page fans and their friends only.

However, experience shows that this doesn’t make a big difference as well, and spending time and money on such kinds of ads, is not necessary at all.


The reason is that those who are the real fans and they know and trust you through following you on FaceBook and your site, don’t have to be faced with your paid ads to buy something from you or hire you to receive your services.

They all will do this on their own when it is the time to.

All you have to do is keeping them updated through your daily blog and FaceBook posts.

There will be so many who will love what you publish on your site.

They eagerly and enthusiastically read each of your posts.

Depend on the conditions they have, many of them wait for the right time to place an order.

They will do it finally.

Therefore, your paid FaceBook ads can’t make any difference for them, nor can they convince them to place an order sooner.

It is the same with all the other online social media like Twitter.

  1. Your FaceBook Money Making Engine

By following and repeating the above stages, which is very easy, you will have a big FaceBook community that can make money for you steadily, automatically, and for free.

Once you set up your FaceBook page and post the widgets and icons on your site, all you will have to do is to share the URL of your new articles on your FaceBook page.

You can publish some updates, videos, pictures and… on your FaceBook page.

But your fans are more after reading your articles.

So, you have to create a FaceBook page and then keep on publishing the informative, strong and unique articles that resolve the people’s problems.

At the same time, you have to offer some good and strong high-ticket products that people can buy and use.

This makes your FaceBook Money Making Engines that make money for you for free.

You won’t have to spend any money on FaceBook ads or any other kinds of social media advertisements.

– Your YouTube + FaceBook Money Making Engines

YouTube can do the same too.

It can also be a very strong money making engine.

It is much stronger than FaceBook.

By combining the YouTube and FaceBook systems and using some other strong tools and resources, you can create a strong money making machine that works and makes money 95% on autopilot.

– FaceBook Is One of the Engines that Makes Money Automatically, for Free, Forever

Once set up and promoted properly, FaceBook can start making money 95% automatically and for free.

You won’t have to spend a single cent on it.

– Our High-Ticket Products and Services

Most of those who read this article, either have no products and services on their own, or even if they do, they are poor products, have a low attraction, can’t resolve any of the people’s problems, and are not good products and service in general.

Creating good and strong products or services, is not everybody’s cup of tea.

You can’t just wake up a morning and create a product that makes thousands of dollars.

Strong products that are demanding and have a very high conversion rate, have to be created by the experts who have spent several years on learning and experiencing in the related niche and topic.

Still not all the products they create and develop succeed to make profit.

But the good news is, you can easily sell the other’s high-ticket products that are already proven that they have a very high conversion and success rate.

Hire the FaceBook System to Make Money for You Automatically, for Free, Forever

So, to answer this question on whether you can make money on Facebook ads, I have to say NO, according to the above explanations and several years of  experience.

But to answer whether it is possible to make money on FaceBook, now you know that the answer is yes.

However, you have to follow the above process if you like to make money through your FaceBook page.

Spending money on ads, makes the business owners feel good, because they think, they are doing something positive and helpful for their business, when they advertise.

The problem is, many ads are a waste of time and money.

Sometimes it is your website or blog that is generating sales at the same time that you are advertising on FaceBook.

Therefore, you will think that it is your FaceBook ads that are making money for you.

However, if you track your ads properly and calculate their conversion, you will see that FaceBook ads have a zero conversion rate in most cases.

So, instead of spending money on FaceBook ads, follow the above instructions to build your FaceBook community and make money through it for free.

It takes some time to start making money through your FaceBook community.

But once you succeed to develop the system and make people pay attention to your site, products and services, and your FaceBook page, the community will promote itself.

Your fans will spread the words for you, and the FaceBook’s strong system facilitates and boosts your community’s growth.

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