It’s not how much you earn but do you spend your money wisely?

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Spend your money wisely and reap the benefits of savings in the future.

Spend your money wisely even though you may have to literally sweat to earn a living. Most people are flat broke after they have blown their hard earned money on frivolous purchases.

Frank A Clark, american politician and lawyer, once said that “Many folks think they aren’t good at earning money when what they don’t know is how to use it.” —Frank A. Clark

Earning vs Spending

The quote mentioned above is the crux of most of our lives. It is very important to realize that it is very difficult to earn money and extremely easy not to spend it wisely. Having an amount in our accounts makes us want to spend on everything that comes to our mind. We blame our impulse for picking up those extra snacks or clothes while we are out shopping for the essentials.

Saving is an art:

It has been rightly said that saving is an art. Art takes great focus and determination to bring out a masterpiece. Similarly, planning and making the right choices to cut down your excessive expenditures. requires the same. Saving doesn’t seem important to us when we have our favorite item in our hands, but we realize its importance when we need money in stressful situations and if we encounter uncalled events.

Be it passive income or any other income that enables you to meet the necessities and enjoy the luxuries of life, both should have a chunk that you should keep in your piggy bank. There are certain tips that you can follow to save your money and make your life easy.


Well, this doesn’t seem to be very relatable when we talk about saving money, but it is one of the most important facts. While you are out on your shopping spree and picking up random things keep it in your mind that you are not here to spend extra money. Stay focused and determined. You should not give in to your impulses.

INVEST Wisely:

While this sounds obvious, it is important to not invest in something that isn’t useful in the long run. Invest wisely in your products and business. Sometimes we think that certain things have potential in them, whereas the reality is in contrast to it. Therefore, we should weigh the possibilities of profit and loss, and then let your money into it.


You must have heard this very frequently, but you are still not sure how to apply it to your life. Setting priorities bounds you and makes you spend on the very essentials, and confines you from expending unnecessarily. If you are an entrepreneur, make sure you save every penny to invest in your venture. If you are an owner of a small business save to expand your business. Do not invest in other things when you already have something worth spending on your plate.


If you think that you can save by keeping money in your cupboard then you are wrong. It is almost impossible to prevent yourself from spending the money that is within your reach easily. Choose options like Savings account, Certificate of deposit (CD) such authentic options will help you to save your money in a more appropriate and scheduled manner.


Once your saving account starts flourishing with your savings you will feel satisfied. You will have money to invest, start a passive business, travel, grab a business opportunity, and many such profitable choices will be in your basket.


Be your boss, who is strict with his rules and does not compromise on the performance of his employee.

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