Indexing By Google Is Crucial For Search Engine Optimization 2020

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Indexing by Google is crucial for Search Engine Optimization 2020  since you cannot rank if your pages are not indexed in Google.

First Google spider crawls your website then Google’s algorithm indexes your pages. Then Google Algorithm ranks your pages in the index.

The sequence is:

Indexing By Google Is Crucial For Search Engine Optimization 2020


How to improve indexation:

Many of the steps to improve the crawl rate will also improve indexation. But the key to optimizing indexation is understanding what should be indexed in Google.Let’s start with what pages should not be indexed in Google:

Members only pages

Confirmation of purchases pages

Author archives

Login pages

Privacy policy, terms of service or affiliate disclosure pages

After this, you need to perform a content audit to identify duplicate, this, low quality or low value pages on your website.

Deleting, redirecting or upgrading these pages will make your website leaner, improve crawl rates and improve your indexibility.

There are a few ways to control what goes into Google’s index:

1.No Index-instructs Google’s spiders to not index a page.

2.No follow-instructs Googles’s spiders not to pass page rank through a link(e.g an affiliate link).

3.Robots.txt-instructs spiders not to crawl specific pages.

So, how do you know if your website is being indexed or indexing well?

1.You can go on site: .com(your website after the colon)

This will give you an idea of the type of pages that are currently being indexed. It does not show every page that is being indexed but it is still a good indicator.

2.The second way of checking is to go on Google Search Console.Open up Google Search Console and click on coverage.It’s a good idea to scan through the list provided to see if there are pages that should not be indexed.

3. The third way to audit your indexibility is to use Screaming Frog SEO Spider. Enter your domain and start the analysis. You will be able to see which pages are indexible and which pages are not.

You now know how to audit your indexibility but how do you optimize it so that new pages index quickly or website updates are recognized faster.

The key is your website architecture and insuring that pages are easily accessible for search engine crawlers. Keep in mind that you want most of your pages to be no longer than 3 levels from the home page.In short, the easier it is for Google Spiders to crawl through your website,the faster your pages will index and will ultimately rank in google.

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