How to toss your stressful job and be your own boss

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How to toss your stressful job and be your own boss

How to toss your stressful job and be your own boss



To be your own boss in today’s competitive world is not as easy as you might imagine as there are stumbling blocks to overcome. You are making a decision to be in the driver’s seat and to learn and master new skills.

Once you are offering a product or service that is in demand, your greatest challenge will be to sell successfully online.

One of the biggest advantages created by the internet is the ability to access and market to large audiences.Marketing and advertising online is faster,more cost effective, engaging and requires less staff to manage and track campaigns.

The key to online success is to master the art of targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is a way of placing ads based on demographics, on the consumers’ previous buying history or on behavior.

If you are dissatisfied with your boss’s demands which may be baseless and futile, you may be inclined to quit your job straight away and start making money online.

You should not tolerate your boss’s mood swings especially when you are doing exactly what you are being paid to do. You have the potential and career opportunities to earn online. With determination and the right attitude, the possibility to be your own boss may be sooner realized that you might have imagined.

Most 9-5 jobs are a headache with multiple issues that arise with either colleagues or boss. So, if you want to live a cool and comfortable life, you can choose to earn money online. Here is how you can be your own boss:

  1. Find out What You Would Like to Do.

First of all, while you are doing your uninteresting and repetitive work, you must start finding what work gives you happiness and satisfaction.It may be offering a product or service for sale.


  1. Research the Rates of the Work You Like

Research the rates of the work you like to do. You must find the rate of the work, make comparisons between your job and online work and then decide. You must remember initially you will be paid low. With passage of time, rates will increase.

  1. Go for Pros and Cons List Between Your Current and Online Job.

You should not just quit your job. You must continue your job as well as work on small projects online. Then, you must make a Pros and Cons List between your offline and online job. This will give you a fair idea of what you should prefer.

  1. Make a Switch or Keep Researching and Learning.

If Pros and Cons List is in favor of Online Job, you must switch. Otherwise, you must start learning for your dream online job and keep going.

  1. Make Sure to Have Enough Savings for First Six Months.

Before you switch, you should have sufficient money to survive and grow for six months.

  1. Examining Your Inner Self and Choices

Between all this, you must examine what your inner self likes. Also, check impacts and results of your choices on you and your career.

 Determine Your Career

 After you have gone through every stage, you must determine which career you may want to continue to do. You must test both careers, and then make your decision carefully and diligently. To be your own boss is achievable but is not for everyone.


 You should be controlling your days, evenings and nights, not any corporation or company. You should put yourself in charge, and truly discover your new abilities, potential and skills.

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