How to Make Your Content Stand Out

How to Make Your Content Stand Out

When you create content, you want people to notice and read it.There are tactics that you can use on how to make your content stand out and get the attention that it deserves.

The digital world is pretty saturated with content.

Digital marketing is the way of the future and every single business, whether they are direct competitors or not, compete with each other for digital space.

People have online content flung at them everywhere.

From their email inboxes and social media feeds to display ads on their favorite websites, ads and content are everywhere.

It’s really easy for your content to get lost in the shuffle.

When you create content, you want people to see it.

You have invested a lot of time and money into creating ads, articles, videos and more.

The last thing you want is for it to get ignored.

Here are four tactics that can help your content stand out and get the attention it deserves.

Establish a solid angle

 When you create digital content, you are telling a story with it.

Your story needs to be relatable and have a solid angle that can be identified right off the bat.

The angle you choose can mean the difference between content that resonates and content that is forgettable.

You want to choose something that will stick in people’s minds and get them to remember your brand.

Your angle should connect with your brand.

For instance, if you are a personalized gifts company, gift guides for the major holidays are a great angle that will resonate with your readers and help them solve a problem: gift giving.

A few other angle ideas: explain some important research your company has discovered, answer a question on a topic your company is an expert in and /or tell people why they should care about something.

Delight with your photographs and video

 Images sometimes speak louder than copy.

Photos and video can immediately grab someone’s attention and pull them into your content.

They tell stories visually that sometimes don’t translate well into copy.

Use that to your advantage.

Every single photo or video you choose to upload in your content has to be stunning.

You want to elicit an immediate and powerful reaction from the audience.

This helps them remember you and engage with your content.

When you are creating videos and photos, consider everything.

Look at the lighting, angles, colors, perspectives, shadows, focus, sets, and setting.

Each aspect of a photo or video is important, so don’t forget the tiny details.

Use your expertise and your network

You are an expert in your field and you know other people in your network who have done very impressive things in your field.

Use that to create great content.

When you pool the collective expertise of both you and your network to create content, you are delivering value to the people who see it.

When you share your expert knowledge and lean on the expert knowledge of others, your content gets better and better.

The people who see your content notice its value. When you show that you are using the added expertise of other people, your customers and new customers notice and your content stands out.

Stay trendy 

While it can sometimes be a drag to stay on trend, it is important for digital marketers to keep their content trendy.

Staying up to date on the latest fashion, viral cat video and buzzwords makes your content more relatable.

When you ignore trends, people notice.

What’s more, they care about it.

If you are not on trend people are likely to gloss over your content.

You want to stay current so your content stays relevant.

Make sure that you are following Instagram stars and popular culture blogs.

Read the newspaper and stay updated on Twitter.

All of these things matter when you are creating content that stands out.

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