How To Become Wealthy And Love What You Do

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 How to become wealthy is almost everyone’s dream.

However,there are always rules that have to be followed to achieve anything that is worth having in this brief life here on mother earth which is described in the Bible as a “mist”.

To become wealthy is to ascend to a state of mind that attracts wealth and it takes dedication and perseverance to realize this goal.

The following are the steps necessary to bring your dreams into reality:

Rule One: Know what you want-

This is a rule that practically every unsuccessful person breaks.

It is the primary breeding ground for failure to succeed.

Most people do not know exactly what they want.

They are aware that they need to know this but they just don’t ever quite get around to figuring it out.

It is not just a matter of wanting to be wealthy and successful.

One must have a clear and concise targeted goal which if explained to someone else, can be duplicated in like manner.

Rule Two: Focus on what you want-

Once you have your core goal sorted out and you know exactly what you want, you must have it focused in your mind.

You must continue this trend of thought and experience having it at some point in the future.

Experience what your life will be like to have had your dream.

You keep doing this until you have had it and seen it in so much detail that it becomes something that is now likely to happen.

Then you focus on possible routes for you to get there.

You must provide your mind with stepping stones and lots of them at each step.

What I mean by this is you give you mind possible options that it could take to get you to your goal.

You are providing your mind with ways to allow you to actually do it. 

The stepping stones start from where you are now.

As you go through this process, focus on what you want and the possible ways to get there.

Eventually you will reach a point in your mind where you will know that is not possible for it not to happen.

You just have to start taking steps towards your dreams.

What you have done is that you created the dream and the possible steps to get there in your mind first.

Now by focusing on your dream, your subconscious mind can see possible ways to bring it into reality.

 Rule Three: Be grateful for having had your dream-

When you are going through and applying Rule 2, you should naturally reach the point where you what to feel grateful for having had your dream.

However, your mind will try and stop you at this point by telling you:”Well, you haven’t had it yet have you, so what have you got to feel grateful for?”

This the mindset of an unsuccessful person killing off their dreams.

You see, your mind shows you a logical argument and normally the unsuccessful person would listen to that voice inside his head and this is why they are unsuccessful.

However, on this occasion, look out for the feeling; the feeling of you wanting to feel grateful.

This feeling is not lying to you.

Rather it is showing you what to do.

It is actually your mind that is lying to you.

If you want to create the millionaire mindset then you have to get back to where you were when you were younger and life was simpler.

You have to learn to trust your feelings again and learn to ignore your mind’s voice.

Rule Four: Wait to feel compelled to act-

All creation is done in your mind first.

Once you have conceived the idea, conceive the thoughts of how you would get there and provide plenty of different options to get there.

Furthermore, when you have also experienced feeling grateful for getting there, then you have had your dream.

When you get to this stage you will know it because you will at some point(time does not matter I don’t know when) feel COMPELLED to act.

This feeling will come over you and you will want nothing more than to get on with it.

This is like sticking nitrous oxide in the fuel mixture.

You are going to move forward in ways that will surprise even you.

You must be patient and wait for this feeling.

If you want the feeling to happen sooner, spend more time designing your goal in your mind.

Design the steps to get there and feel grateful for being there.

Action steps are all about bringing into reality that which  you have already had in your mind.

You are the architect.

Once the dream has been fully designed so that you can see it in your life in every detail, then it is time to bring it into reality.

You will know this because this feeling will magically propel you forward.

Rule 5: Focus on the steps you are on-

You will be compelled to act and you will know what you are to do.

Some of your time will be spent on creating your dream and the remainder will be spent on living with where you are now and completing the job you are in now.

Now this step is of vital importance to remember if you want to not only get but hold on to the millionaire mindset.

You must focus  on what you are doing 100% and do it to the very best of your ability when you are focusing on it.

What I mean by that is obvious for your dream since most who fail do not realize that it must also be true for the job you are at right now.

You must become excellent at that also while you are still there.

Take a very workman style approach to it.

Do your current job to 100% of what is needed and enjoy it as much as you possibly can while you are doing it.

You should enjoy it, whatever it is, as it is is enabling you to go and spend the remainder of your time focusing on your dream and creating it.

Love where you are in life right now.

You can desire more and you can demand more and go and create more but be happy and safe in the knowledge that you are cultivating your millionaire mindset and one second after finishing your current work you are switching and focusing on creating your dream.

Rule 6: Listen to your hunches-

While you are on your journey of creating the life you desire and acquiring your millionaire mindset, you must learn to be receptive to intuitive leads.

These are coming from your subconscious mind.

As you focus more and more on your dream and designing it, you will be subtly asking yourself questions about how you can get that element done or get past this step.

Your subconscious mind is listening.

It goes and finds the answers for you and it gives them to you at the best possible time.

However, it is not the voice inside of your mind.

Your subconscious mind does not speak to you.

Rather, it serves you up feelings and hunches or just plain gives you the answer from nowhere.

So you need to re-tune into your subconscious mind and learn to trust and follow your hunches.

You will be surprised and amazed as to where they will take you.

“Successful people instinctively follow their gut feelings.

Unsuccessful people have allowed others to convince them that they cannot trust themselves”.

Rule 7: Go deeper into your design-

While you are taking steps and following your hunches then there will be down times between the steps of you taking action.

This is when your body needs to relax.

What could be more relaxing than dreaming some more about your design?

So this is a a perfect time to go and experience your design in greater detail wherever you are in life.

Let’s say that you are on the train or in a cab or waiting at the supermarket checkout.

These are now your times to go and day dream about the life you are taking steps now to create.

The teachers had it wrong  by the way.

Daydreaming is an essential element.

It is not the waste of time the teachers told you.

Let me spell it out so that I can get you to understand…………..Daydreaming is an ESSENTIAL part of creating the life of your dreams!

So go deeper, let’s say that one part of your dream included owning a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Know what Rolls Royce it will be, the color and of course the model and engine size.

Now if you are driving then why not imagine what it will feel like to be driving your Rolls Royce, the feel of the plush upholstery, the sound of the engine or the horn and that new car smell.

There is no depth limit here.

You can go in and smell the fumes if you like and deploy you senses.

It is going to feel pretty good when you are in this part of your design.

However, this is like a reward for you.

It is for the down time in between when your are working diligently on your current job and in between when you are taking the steps required to bring your design into reality.

These are the basic steps to cultivating and creating the millionaire mindset. 

This is the mindset where you just know you will do it.

Never stop trying. Never give up.

Hold on to your dreams.

Just think about the amount of good that you can achieve by being in a position to help alleviate some of the hardship that is facing mankind in this world today.

You will be glad you did.

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