How to reduce Home Insurance Rates

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How to reduce Home Insurance Rates

Seven Secrets To Lowering Your Insurance Rates:

Home insurance is one of those things that you purchase but hope you never need. Make paying for it less costly and save yourself hundreds each year:

  • Save money when you bundle:

Consider insuring both your home, vehicle and umbrella liability policy with the same company. Most companies offer multi-policy discounts.

  • Revamp home security to secure savings:

Most insurance companies offer discounts for fire alarms, burglar alarms, smoke detectors, deadbolts, security cameras, storm shutters and Fire sprinklers.

  • Sweep up senior discounts for a bigger bonus:

You get a senior discount for a cup of coffee or brand new shoes so why not your home insurance? Generally you have to be over 55 and retired to qualify but some providers accept bargain hunters as young as 50.

  • Quit the habit and save:

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Insurance companies are willing to give lower premiums to residents who do not smoke.

  • Claim your reward for a clean record:

Every time your insurance covers a claim, your provider loses money. That’s why some insurers offer discounts to homeowners who have not filed a claim in the past five years.

  • Sign up for “easy pay” to further trim your bill:

Online payments, automatic deductions and electronic transfers help your provider cut down on costs. Sometimes they pass these savings to you, offering discounts when you set up auto pay.

  • Find discounts for being faithful:

You should always shop around for lower rates. However, please remember that true-blue customers often scoop up sweet deals-frequently for being loyal for at least five years.

  Additional tips to save you money:

  • Beware of choosing a low deductible:

If something should happen, this is the amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket, no matter what. So, is lower better? Think about it. a low deductible can mean through-the-roof premiums every month, whether or not you ever make a claim. On the other hand, raising your deductible from say $500 to $1,000 may save up to 25 percent on your premium.

  • Do not insure your house for its full market value:

How likely is it that someone will break into your home and steal your land on the way out? Or a windstorm or fire will damage the land itself? When you insure your house for its cash value, you are in fact covering your home and land. The market value of a home is different from what is would cost to rebuild. It’s cheaper and smarter to insure your home for the cost of rebuilding-its replacement cost. This will represent how much you will actually need if a disaster strikes.

  • Avoid selecting a provider by price alone:

Price is a huge consideration when you pick your policy but the Insurance Information Institute (III) also encourages you ti make sure the company is licensed in your state and is financially sound. You can check out insurance ratings and financial data online at The III also recommends you to explore customer service records before choosing your provider. Go to for brand comparisons, expert assessments and customer reviews.

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