Get Cited into the Major Media as an Authority

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Get Cited into the Major Media as an Authority

Get Cited into the Major Media as an Authority

The major news networks have developed a method of exposure which is designed to promote small business.

Anyone business owner who is a professional in his or her field of expertise can have access to getting cited in the major news networks to significantly attract more business……………

Media Citation

Media Citation is where you get cited in the major news networks so as to get more exposure in your field of expertise. The logos of the four major news networks are located in your profile photo just like what you are seeing next to mine.

Positioning yourself as an authority is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to your market place”…..Frank Kern, at Traffic & Conversion Summit, 2014

What is Authority?

  • Appearing in the media transfers their well known authority to YOU.

  • “The Authority” is proof that you are the best at what you do

  • Propects will Know, Like, & Trust you seeing that you have been in the major media get them to choose you.

  • Authority creates desire, people move towards desire, versus paid advertising which generates interest, people move away from interest.

Why Do You Want Authority?

  • No longer have to chase sales and leads

  • Makes you the first choice, eliminates competition

  • You’re judged based on value, not price

  • Attracts attention from clients and the community

  • Other experts will want to meet you and partner with you

  • Your advice is no longer questioned

Having this AUTHORITY, is going to make people see you as the Expert.

How will this increase your business or bottom line?

If you landed just one new deal per month because of this AUTHORITY how much would that be worth to you over the next 2 years?

So you see why this is a great investment in your business.

What interests you the most in getting your business into the major media? 

1. Being able to say “as seen on” so I’m seen as the Authority and customers are more likely to choose me over my competition now.

2. The advertising exposure of being on major networks more people will know about me and see me favorably.

3. I’ll get valuable links back to my website from this authority media sites which will improve my organic rankings in Google and lead to more people finding me through Google search.

4. All of the above 

5. Other

If you choose any of the answers 1 to 4 then you need this Authority.

Why is it important for you to grow your business right now?

1.I want to have more financial security.

2. It’s important that I can provide more for my family and love ones.

3. I look forward to having more free time and could focus more on my health or loved ones.

4. My goal is to  help more people through the quality services and products my company provides.

5. All of the above 

If you choose any of the answers 1 to 5, then you need this authority.

Do you understand the concept of return on investment?

Does it make sense for you to invest $2,000 into your business if  you can see that it’s going to help you make $10,000 or more in return?

If you can agree on this, then you need this authority.

Use These Authority Logos to Get Them to Choose You More!

  • Website

  • Brochures

  • Business cards

  • Advertisements

  • Newsletters

  • Facebook page

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Storefront

Please take a moment to look at my Linkedin profile where I am known and considered to be a nationally recognized Affiliate Marketer and Linkedin authority expert.

I occasionally write articles of interest to Linkedin’s 500,000 members worldwide and have acquired a following of over 21,500 members.

If you are serious about achieving a successful future, join our program and let us work together to make your financial dreams come true.

Do you know how hard it it to get into the National Publications in order to instill credibility in your field of expertise? I can help you with that. 

I do this by leveraging a special insider’s website that guarantees placement for any business. You will have a profile picture with the logos just like mine which will get customers to choose you every time!

This is ideal for people who are an authority in their field of expertise: key speakers, authors, consultants, coaches small business owners, senior level professionals and executives.

Real value from authority:

How much would it be worth to your business?

Get guaranteed placement in media such as ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox.

Authority influencing buying decisions both online and offline.

It’s easier to make money by getting more out of the exposure you’re already getting than going out and getting more exposure.

We do the work to get you into the media once and you benefit forever.

The process takes about 7 business days. become a quoted expert…..use the quote and authority in all of your advertising.

Use the media logos stating “as seen on”, something that your competition does not have.

You are perceived as a trusted authority.

Get guaranteed placement in all four of the major networks.

As an added bonus, we will add the logos to your profile picture for you.

Citations appear on the media networks website and are 100% legit.

We will provide you with links so you have proof should anyone ever question you.

What about saturation? Why is this not a problem? Does this not water it down?

The answer is that not everybody knows about this but you do and this will give you an edge over your competition.

Media citation is a conversion strategy. You are more likely to get potential clients to choose you and are more likely to get more media which means more exposure because the Networks will no longer see you as a risk.

Now most PR firm’s charge $2000 a month, and cannot guarantee you any specific results.  We can guarantee to get you into all 4 of the major networks ABC,NBC,CBS & FOX. 

The price for each logo is $1,000.00 All four logos purchased at the same time will cost $2,500.00 resulting in a saving of $1,500.00.

Payments can be made by check, money order or through Paypal. Checks and money orders must clear the bank. Paypal processing fees are added to the total cost. For example:

Payment for one logo of $1000.00 will cost a processing fee in Paypal of $30.18.Total due will be $1,030.18.

Payment for all four logos of $2,500.00 will cost a processing fee of $74.97.Total due will be $2,574.97.

My Paypal email address is:

[email protected]

Please send all payments to this email address.

If you have any questions please contact me on Linkedin or [email protected] at your earliest convenience.

Example of a station’s recommendation:


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