Opera browser- 5 great extensions for Marketing

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Opera browser- 5 great extensions for Marketing

Browsers are a highly personal choice and the Opera browser comes with great features that we must highlight.

Everyone has a reason for using the browser they use and often it’s not based on performance or features but on habit.

Switching browsers just feels weird.

With Chrome gaining sixty percent of the market share as of October 2017, the majority of extensions are available for Chrome only.

Some are available for Safari but Opera has been left in the dark for a long time.

However, the Norwegian company is pumping out some new features, and users might be pleasantly surprised with the options.

Built-in Extensions

The company recently introduced their newest version with a built-in ad blocker and VPN service.

Ads significantly slow down website performance, so the addition of a built-in ad blocker increases battery life and strain on the processor.

Opera also has a power saving mode that reduces the activity of tabs that aren’t active, decreasing the energy your computer uses.

Compared to other browsers, this can extend battery life up to fifty percent.

It’s great when you need to power through essential tasks or have a lot of references open at once for writing a blog or scheduling multiple social media posts.


It’s important for digital marketers to track email opens, clicks, and generate daily reports.

MailTrack used to be available only for digital marketers but they’ve made it easy now for everyone to use it.

One green check indicates that a message was tracked correctly and two checks mean it was opened.

All of this is at a glance and easy to see.


The number of accounts you have between email addresses, client portals and social media accounts makes your head spin.

Keeping a document full of your usernames and passwords is highly volatile.

Using the same username and password for everything compromises every account in the event of a data breach.

Writing them all down on a piece of paper is cumbersome.

LastPass is versatile, allowing you to store usernames and passwords, as well as credit card information, shopping profiles, and URLs.

You can safely store all of the data you have in one place while maintaining security.

Evernote Web Clipper

If you regularly save articles to reference later or take screenshots, Evernote helps to organize these things, so you don’t lose track of them.

You can keep your bookmarks and tabs under control, while never forgetting where that article was that you wanted to read.

Evernote automatically syncs with all devices so that you can access your saved pages from your smartphone or tablet as well.

Download Chrome Extension

Just because your favorite extension is only for Chrome doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

A lot of people who love Chrome only love it for the extensions.

They are reluctant to switch to a new browser because they don’t want to lose productivity.

However, if there’s an extension not available at the Opera Store, just use Download Chrome Extension to add it to the Opera browser.

It’s easy and keeps you moving with great marketing apps only available for Chrome with the increased performance of Opera.

Opera is one of the best browsers for reduced processor load and faster web browsing because of all of the built-in extensions.

It continues to increase its offering by offering a power saving mode on all future versions.

This feature recognizes when your computer isn’t plugged in and reduces the activity in background tabs, wakes the CPU less often, pauses unused plugins, and much more.

Opera has dedicated users who have been with them for a long time and also has a wealth of plugin options to keep you moving.

It is open to anyone who is looking for a browser to increase performance and help his laptop to run more optimally.

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