Fastest Growing MLM Companies Ever

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Fastest Growing MLM Companies Ever
Fastest Growing MLM Companies Ever

Fastest Growing MLM Companies Ever

Are you looking for the best and fastest growing MLM companies ever?

Fastest growing MLM companies have seen phenomenal growth in recent times.

The world over, these companies have recorded higher revenue growth.

The fastest growing MLM companies are also seeing an increase in customer base.

Many MLM firms are also expanding their operational network.

They are expanding to new economies and experiencing an additional growth boost.

However deciding the top player is never simple given the rising number of MLM companies.

There are many parameters when you are assessing the fastest growing companies.

It can be fastest growing in terms of revenue growth or customer acquisition.

Again, some MLM may clock stupendous response to a specific product launch.

Making this choice is never simple, given the rising number of MLM companies.

Moreover, keeping track of all the MLM across geographies can be a daunting task too.

In this context, the revenue-based growth assessment is the easiest to track.

Popularity is another key benchmark of the fastest growing companies.

However, there are many significant MLM which are unheard about in most of the world.

Therefore, shortlisting the fastest growing MLM companies can be an uphill task.

It needs precision, understanding of fundamentals and analysis of the core competencies.

The Fastest Growing MLM Companies;

Here is the list of the fastest growing MLM companies and their full analysis and description:

  1. Amway
  2. DoTERRA
  3. Jeunesse
  4. Melaleuca
  5. Digital Altitude
  6. OneCoin-OneLife
  7. Scentsy
  8. Monat
  9. Avon


If you are assessing the fastest growing MLM companies on the revenue basis, it is a clear winner.

According to last published 2017 reports, it is now a $8.60 billion company.

The compensation structure is that of a multi-level marketing organization.

The company has been around for over 50 years now.

Overall, they deal with cosmetics, food, appliances, personal care products and wellness.

Globally they have over 3 million salespeople and the company employs 19000 employees.

Though a household name, this company also has faced its share of criticism.

In many circles, there have been talks about it being a potential direct selling trap.

But that said, you cannot deny the revenue numbers.

Moreover, some of its products like Nutrilite and Amway Artistry are popular.

The fact that the company has been around for over 50 years is also worth reckoning.

Surely they are doing something right about their business model.

They cannot be successful on a global level without offering some value to the customers.

Moreover, the Amway quality remains indisputable.

There has been criticism about the way the product is sold on a global basis.

However, there is no criticism about the core product quality.

Perhaps that is also a reason why people are still invested in the product.

  1. DoTERRA

Well, Amway is amongst the fastest growing MLM companies on the revenue basis.

But if you measure the potential in terms of latent possibilities, it is surely DoTERRA.

This is one of those MLM companies that is hardly known beyond Utah.

Almost 33% of their customers are based in the Rocky Mountain region.

Yet the big positive is that there is a huge demand for the niche that it is servicing.

It is in the essential oils business.

It has been spun off from Young Living but manages to maintain momentum.

Typically that is a hugely flourishing segment with demand growing every single day.

The company was founded in 2008 and it has experienced rapid growth.

In just 7 months, it clocked a stupendous $1 million in sales.

By 2015, its sales revenues touched the psychologically important $1 billion mark.

The company is not just doing well on the basis of the product they are selling.

The overall operation module also helps in its growth.

They are reaping rich benefits from the unique mix of stay at home moms and entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs are typically seen as more aggressive and extremely resourceful.

They created a record of sorts when 30,000 of their advocates attended the company’s convention.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the scope of growth is huge for this company.

The relative lack of negative reviews can also be seen as a positive.

Most experts on MLM companies feel this is a well-balanced organization.

Therefore, it figures quite prominently in our list of the fastest growing firms.

More than the growth it has clocked, the potential is in the growth it can achieve.

That is what makes the market optimistic about this MLM.

  1. Jeunesse

If you compare just revenue growth, it features well below many other established plays.

The 2017 data indicates that the revenues are inching northwards towards the $1.5 billion mark.

But that is not why this qualifies as one of the fastest growing MLM companies.

It is primarily on the basis of the superior product line-up.

The company has a superb and effective array of skin care options.

Its instant ageless cream is a big hit across age groups.

After all, almost everyone wants to look younger and what if you have the option?

Well, this is why their solutions continue to make waves across geographies.

They are offering a solution that has takers across the world.

It is a niche more due to the quality of the product.

But overall, they are servicing a global craze on a sustainable basis.

The sales record has made them a consistent factor in any list of top 20 MLM companies.

What has enhanced their acceptance even better is their low entry cost.

Despite the brisk sales and high demand, you have to spend merely $30 to enter this MLM.

Another reason why Jeunesse is popular is that of the efficiency of the product.

As a result, there is a distinct degree of credibility that is associated with the brand.

The general sense of trust around the company also helps in maintaining the brand.

People are more than keen on going with a known brand.

Even when it comes to MLM companies, they will find it easier to trust this brand.

You can easily gauge the pace of growth with some simple statistics.

It was ranked 481 in the Inc 5000 in 2015.

But by 2016, it was the fastest growing MLM company on the basis of same parameters.

  1. Melaleuca

The company hit the first $1 billion sales mark in 2011.

By 2017, it is inching closer to the next billion dollar mark.

The 2017 sales for this MLM company is $1.75 billion.

Compared to just 2016, this was a stupendous 31% jump in sales.

So on year on year basis, they clocked a relatively higher growth than many other players.

If you compare the performance of many established MLM companies, you may not see this performance.

One of the key reasons is perhaps the profile of the company.

They deal with essential oils, vitamins, beauty and bath products.

These types of products never run out of demand, but the quality is crucial.

Current estimates indicate that close to one million homes invest in their products globally.

That kind of commitment needs a serious commitment to quality and consistency.

What is particularly striking is that this company is growing only on the basis of referrals.

Either you look at expanding customer base or the spike in sales, the growth on both these counts is purely on the basis of referrals.

Technically, this means that every customer has referred at least one more customer.

So that goes on to enhance the brand’s credibility.

  1. Digital Altitude

When you think of a profitable MLM company in terms of generating income, this is one.

This MLM company offers e-learning solutions.

The majority of these solutions are focused on digital marketing initiatives by a wide variety of users.

Given the 60% commission rate, it is undeniably a popular option.

It is more like Empower Network type of a digital MLM opportunity.

However, at the same time, it is almost 10x more expensive than Empower Network.

However, that is not deterring users from approaching the firm.

Many first timers are ready to invest as much as $25,000 on their e-learning solutions.

The business model looks user-friendly and is geared towards attracting more people.

The products have a huge range and variety of options.

They have a variety of features, benefits and payment opportunities.

This, of course, totally depends on what you choose.

The minimum slab for the commission is about 37% plus.

The maximum borders around the 60% level.

So that indicates prospects of some cool earnings within a short period.

That undeniably makes it one of the fastest growing MLM companies.

Most people who join MLM companies are looking at opportunities to make fast and easy money.

This company here is practically giving it all on a platter.

What is particularly interesting is, it is difficult to find too many faults with this firm.

Unless, of course, you are digital superpower, you will find this a great digital asset.

However, the key question is how long this model will last is still very pertinent.

The MLM company’s growth can be gauged when all the warm circles run dry.

In other words, the sustainability of the business model is questionable in many ways.

The true mettle of the company will be decided only on that court.

  1. OneCoin-OneLife

This is a heady combination of catalysts.

This MLM company is amongst the fastest growing ones, and it deals with cryptocurrencies.

The Cryptocurrency OneCoin can be used to buy products on DealShaker.

If internet numbers are to be believed, they have clocked 60% gain between 2015-2016.

In 2017, the sales spiked even higher.

The 2016 sales numbers were close to$1.2 billion

In 2017, the company reportedly delivered $500,000,000 sales every month.

But the company is not stopping at just these figures.

Buoyed by the huge response, the company is also planning to list publicly.

In April 2017, they boasted of 3 million members.

Now, these numbers surely point to a decided trend in place.

Online reviews about the veracity of the product are however questionable.

There are some who raised the warning about the company being a huge scam.

But several other reviews point out that it can yield meaningful gains.

They have posted accounts of serious success stories.

But you have to also see it in the recent gains in cryptocurrency globally.

Overall, there is a huge surge in interest and demand for the cryptocurrency.

However, the longer term implications will have to be considered for a better understanding.

  1. Scentsy

In terms of income prospects, this company has simply no prospects.

But it is amazing how despite that you have a considerable number of people pushing for it.

On a global ranking as per revenue, they are in the 42nd position.

The 2017 revenue number is over $450 million.

This is after a 6% plus growth in revenues from 2015 to 2016.

But are you wondering what the kind of products that they sell is?

Well, there is a line of fragrances, kitchen line and accessories brand too.

All of these are supposed to provide the necessary push to their sales.

These have all been consistently helping in driving growth for this MLM.

The interesting aspect is how they are marketing the product.

Let’s understand a basic about most MLM companies.

People invest their time and money in hope of making more money.

But this is a zero income opportunity which is pushing ahead with the help of great PR.

The longevity of the product will have to be considered over a point of time.

But the strength of their PR is undeniable.

That alone has helped the company maintain the $450 million revenue numbers.

  1. Monat

This is undeniably one of the hottest MLM stories to follow in the near past.

A high-end skin and hair treatment solution, it is one of the fastest growing MLM companies.

The endorsement from celebrities has also made Monat a ‘cool’ MLM to be associated with.

Needless to mention that the consistent good result from the products is a key trigger.

It is helping the company maintain a steady pace of growth and robust sales.

USA and Canada are one of the fastest growing markets for this company.

Though a relatively new MLM company, the star associations have made it a hot property.

What really works for the company is the great track record of the product performance.

But the cardinal concern is, this is a relatively new story.

There is no clear evidence about the sustainability of the business model.

Only if you see the business developing over a consistent period, you can take a call.

As of now, it sure looks like a promising story.

But the question is can they deliver quality on a sustainable basis?

Perhaps a few more financial years will help form a better perspective on the overall story.

  1. Avon

This is undeniably the grand old dame of MLM companies.

It has clocked revenues worth $5.70 billion in 2017.

This company has been around for over 100 years.

It is known for a range of beauty, skin care and women’s products.

For over a century, they have been continuously excelling in delivering great products.

This MLM company services close to 70 markets globally.

The only other company that comes any close to Avon is Amway in terms of revenue growth.

But this is not your typical example of fastest growing companies.

The overall revenue is surely the second largest, but sales are tanking for 5 years now.

Brazil is one of their primary markets, but they had to sell of their North American branch.

In many other markets like India, they have even resorted to direct selling on e-commerce websites.

However, with the $5 billion-plus revenue numbers, they are still a force to reckon with.

In the list of the fastest growing MLM companies, it still figures prominently.

In terms of sheer revenue inflow, it will not be wrong to term it as MLM behemoth.

Moreover, globally they are still one of the best cosmetic companies.


When you set out to list the fastest growing MLM companies, there are many factors.

Most importantly, you have to watch out for the balanced combinations.

Just clocking great revenue is not enough.

But at the same time, simply logging a huge year on year jump is not adequate either.

There are many sustainable stories that also are amongst the fastest growing.

But not all of them project steady income opportunities.

In fact, you should not compare the income opportunities when you are assessing MLM companies.

Most of the companies we selected are amongst the fastest growing MLM companies on the revenue basis.

They have consistently been able to sell their product as genuine MLM companies.

That, in many ways, also indicates the worth of the companies in the MLM space.

The choice is entirely yours if you want to join any of the fastest growing MLM companies we selected.

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