Expand Your Online Marketing Globally

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Expand Your Online Marketing Globally

If you’ve outgrown your niche market, it could be time to expand your online marketing globally.However,targeting the global market is a lot different that targeting a niche market.

When you first launch your website, the quickest way to gain traction and expand your brand is to focus on a niche market.

This means zeroing in on a smaller market with less competition.

But, at some point, you may find that you’ve reached your full potential in your limited market.

If you’ve outgrown your niche market, it could be time to expand.

Though, before you try to reach the global marketplace, you should take the time to carefully plan your new marketing strategy.

Targeting the global market is a lot different that targeting a niche market.

You have a larger audience but you also have more competition.

The following tips will help you with this transition:

Don’t Ignore Your Niche Market

First, I’ve got to say that you shouldn’t ignore your niche market.

Don’t forget where you came from.

You can continue to hold onto your hold of your niche market while targeting a larger audience.

So, continue what you’ve been doing.

Keep your existing strategies in place to maintain sales through your niche market.

You’ll simply develop new strategies to reach a larger market.

Don’t Discuss Politics in Your Marketing

Before starting your global marketing campaign, it’s also important to pay attention to what you say.

Unless your business is involved in politics or religion, there’s no reason to discuss these topics through your social media account.

This shouldn’t have to be stated but it becomes increasingly important when targeting a global market.

Other countries may not share the same sensibilities.

You could easily create a negative reputation in a region by showcasing your political or religious affiliations.

You don’t want to alienate any of your audience.

Translate Your Marketing and Advertising

About two-thirds of the world’s population are non-native English speakers.

Most of these people, even if they can speak English, prefer to browse the web and shop online in their native language.

It’s easy to add the option to translate your web pages into a different language.

This can be achieved using a Google Translate plugin.

But if you’re using marketing and advertising material, you may not have this option.

So, you’ll need to handle the translation of marketing and advertising.

This isn’t difficult.

Use a translation application to translate your content into another language and then use this translated content in your marketing efforts.

If you’re launching a marketing campaign in Germany, translate your material to German.

If you’re marketing in Japan, translate your material into Japanese.

Localize Your Content to Each Region

Have you ever targeted multiple cities?

You’ll create an individual landing page for each city.

You’ll then use content to refer to places, people and things that people in that city will recognize.

This is localization and you’ll use it in your global marketing campaigns.

In addition to translating your content, you should edit it to speak to the locals in the country that you’re targeting.

This means using phrases and wording that your target audience is familiar with.

You can also reference facts, details or landmarks in these regions.

Use an International Payment Gateway

The next consideration is the payment gateway that you use.

PayPal can accept payments from other currencies.

If you choose an option other than PayPal, make sure that it accepts international payments and automatic currency exchange.

If you’re ready for the big time, then use these tips to begin reaching a global market.


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