Exotic Downloadable Caribbean Recipes and Vintage items

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Exotic Downloadable Recipes & Vintage Items

Exotic Downloadable Caribbean Recipes & Vintage items

It’s with great pride that we offer you exotic downloadable recipes of healthy Caribbean food and vintage items.

Digital downloads of books are also at your disposal written by world recognized authors for the upliftment of the human mind to promote spiritual growth and financial prosperity.

According to Widipedia,Trinidad and Tobago’s cuisine is indicative of the blends of AfricanWest AfricanAmerindianArabChineseCreoleEuropeanIndianSouth Asian, and Latin AmericanSpanishPortuguese influences.

Can you imagine when all of these cultures are combined on two tiny islands? Yes, you said it, exotic food! Simply outstanding!

There is an old saying in the Caribbean Islands that street food is indicative of what to expect with home cooking.

If you enjoy street food then home cooking will be so much better.

Some examples street food in Trinidad:


This hand-held, greasy delight is perhaps the most famous of the Trinidadian street foods and is traditionally eaten at breakfast.

It begins with two bara (fried flatbread) that are filled with channa (curried chickpeas) and flavored with shado beni (a popular native West Indian herb very similar to Cilantro ).

Served with tamarind sauce and a variety of chutneys, including coconut or mango, it’s a cheap, satisfying dish found pretty much anywhere.

Corn Soup:

A mixture of corn, channa, pumpkin, dumplings and whatever else the chef has decided to throw in. This filling, crowd-pleasing soup is served street-side everywhere.


These flavorful fried dollops of spice-filled dough (pronounced “po-loo-ree”) are similar to Indian pakora.

They are savory on their own but served mainly as a versatile vehicle for sauces or chutneys.

Aloo pie and Saheena

Like a Trinidadian version of a samosa, an aloo pie is an elongated fried pocket filled with potato, mashed up with onions, garlic, massala and other spices and served with sweet tamarind sauce.

Another favorite is Saheena, dough mixed with spinach then flash-fried

Chicken roti and Buss-up Shot

 If you encounter anyone who is selling  you a buss-up shot, or paratha roti, buy it. This light roti is hand-beaten and shredded, giving it more surface area to soak up whatever curry you eat with it.

It’s a little messy to take on the go, though, so if you’re moving, try a chicken roti, which, just as the name suggests, is chicken swaddled in roti.

Typically the chicken still has the bones in, so ask for it boneless. 

I can go on and on but the above mentioned foodies are the most reputable of street foods.

Now,Trinidadians are very serious where the taste of their home cooked food is concerned.

They take pride in using the best ingredients sparing nothing that will compromise taste.

They crave spiciness, hot pepper sauce and flavor for the ultimate in taste.

Will you like to bring the exotic taste of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago into your home to the delight of your family and friends?

I hope the answer is a resounding YES!!

Because this is what this is what these downloadable recipes are all about.

Here you will find vintage items and other deals that are very hard to find elsewhere.

There are also digital downloads of books written by authors who are recognized worldwide for the upliftment of the human mind to promote spiritual growth and financial prosperity.

Some of the authors are: Florence Scovel Shinn, George S Gleason, Christian D Larson, Charles Haanel, James Allen, Theron Q Dumont, P T Barnum, Kahill Gibran and William W Atkinson just to mention a few.

We also sell low cost, healthy, delicious and exotic Caribbean recipes that are easy to prepare for meals that will promote health and proper nourishment for you and your family.

We invite you to bring Caribbean Cuisine into your home and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Take a look at our store and we guarantee that you will find something of interest to you.

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