What is Epic Trading?

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EPIC Trading is a new legitimate online business opportunity with a great compensation plan.

EPIC Trading.com is one of the best so far. It is one of the best and most trusted systems you will ever see. Mr. Spencer Iverson, and the other members of their leadership tea are among the best and strongest business builders and managers.  EPIC Trading is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a strong system that makes real money. EPIC Trading is 100% legitimate and their compensation plan is great for those who want to make enough money to suit their lifestyle and residual income.

What Is EPIC Trading?

EPIC Trading is a Forex trading university. When you sign up for an EPIC Scholar account with them, you will have access to their EPIC Forex Education Platform, where you can learn how to trade currencies to make money. They will not only teach you how to trade Forex, but they will also provide live Forex trading sessions, and Forex Trading Signals. I have been monitoring their Forex trading education and signals for a while, and I must admit that they are great. There are so many currency and stock traders in our team here on this website; I am also a currency and stock trader and market analyst; and I believe EPIC Trading’s educational content and also that their Forex Signals are really strong.

Therefore, EPIC Trading  is a Forex trading university that Forex traders join to learn how to trade Forex and also use the EPIC Trading’s signals to buy/sell currencies to make money.

However, this is not the only thing that EPIC Trading does. EPIC Trading is much more than this:

Become an independent Business Owner:

Whether you are a Forex trader or not, you can become an EPIC Trading’s Independent Business Owner or IBO. If so, you will be eligible for bonuses and commissions via their strong compensation plan. EPIC Trading gives you the opportunity to make significant income and even more (there is no limit), if you follow their strong and unique compensation plan that has never been offered by any other company so far.

How Can You Start Making Money With EPIC Trading?

You have three options to make money with EPIC Trading:

  1. Use their Forex trading education and signals to trade currencies;
  2. Make money through their referral compensation program;
  3. You can do both at the same time, which is what I do.

The best and most interesting part of joining EPIC Trading is earning money with their referral compensation plan. Why?

  1. Unlike Forex or stock trading, it doesn’t have any risks;
  2. It makes residual income, so that you will keep making money if you stop working;
  3. It can be done on autopilot, so that you won’t have to work a lot;
  4. Your income grows over time and without spending more time to work or risking and spending any money.


If you are a Forex trader or you want to start making money through Forex trading, you can sign up for an EPIC Scholar account, login to your account and follow their Forex-related topics.

However, if you want to make money with their referral compensation plan, which is the most interesting and exciting part of this system, you are in the right place at the right time. Why?

EPIC Trading’s referral compensation plan:

EPIC Trading’s referral compensation plan works based on referring and recruiting which is not easy for most people. Their referral compensation plan can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, as residual income. IN order to make money, you will need to refer other people to the program. 

 If you can refer others to sign up under your name, you should do it, this is a particularly good chance to refer your family members, loved ones and close friends to place them at the higher levels of referrals in your account, because this will make them a fortune. 

EPIC Trading Compensation Plan

This is how the EPIC Trading compensation plan works and makes money for you in simple words:

1. You need to start as an EPIC Scholar for $99.99 per month. Once you do it, you will have access to their members area, Telegram channels and Forex-related educational content and signals. EPIC Trading is a Forex trading university, and Forex trading education and signals are the product they offer. Therefore, you must start with becoming the student of their university.

2. If you want to start making money with their compensation plan, you must personally refer three other members. If you do so, your $99.99 monthly fee will be waived. Do your best to place three of your loved ones under your name, otherwise you will regret it. All of you four members will have your own stream of income if your team grows.

3. After referring three people personally, you need to become an Independent Business Owner for $24.99 per month. Then the EPIC Trading compensation plan is all yours to make hundreds of thousands of dollars as the below chart says. 

 $500/month: You will make $500 per month when you have ten members in your team. Three of these members can be your personal referrals (remember that you need to refer three people personally and then become an IBO to be eligible for bonuses and commissions), but the other seven can be our referrals or your other personal referrals.

 $1,000/month: You will make $1,000 per month when you have 30 members in your team. Like the previous level, at least of three of these 30 referrals must be your personal referrals and the rest can be our referrals. However, there is no limit in referring people. You can have as many personal referrals as you want.

 $2,000/month: You will make $2,000 per month when you have 80 members in your team.

This is a program where you can make a decent amount of money. There is no limit. You can see the other levels on the chart below

Epic Trading Compensation Plan

Let the President of EPIC Trading Tell You About Their Company

In the video below, the president of EPIC Trading, Mr. Spencer Iverson, explains what EPIC Trading is and how it works. Please watch carefully:

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