Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing

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Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing

Some of the best Chrome browser extensions for marketing are available for everyone’s use.

Our head is always full of to-do lists, passwords, reading material and so many other things you can’t possibly remember.

We all need a little help sometimes.

Especially in the world of digital marketing, there’s always a social media account to manage, marketing materials to write, and influencers to find.

There are plenty of resources available to make life easier.

Here are just a few that can help you organize your brain dumps.

Evernote Web Clipper

If you regularly save articles to reference later or take screenshots, Evernote helps to organize these things, so you don’t lose track of them.

You can keep your bookmarks and tabs under control, while never forgetting where that article was that you wanted to read.


My wife is the king of tabs.

This drives me crazy.

All the way across the top of her screen are these toothpick-sized things you can’t possibly click on let alone know what they are.

Somehow, she still knows what every single one of them is and can return to it in a flash while

I remain stumped as to how she can work that way. Until she asks me if I can find something on her computer for her. Um, no. I can’t.

Enter OneTab.

The OneTab Chrome extension closes web pages but saves their URLs in a tab for reference later.

You can feel better about ‘closing’ those tabs, knowing you can quickly return to them later.

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket allows you to tag references, reading materials, and other examples for use later with just one click.

The tags you assign allow you to sort them so you can keep organized notes for each blog, task, or assignment.


Grammarly is a glorified spell-checker.

Plop text for your next blog post, email, or web page in the form and it can identify improper grammar, word usage, punctuation, overused words, and more.

It also suggests changes, so you spend less time editing. helps you schedule content for social media with a click.

You can also share to multiple networks at the same time.

Adapt your post to specific mediums with hashtags, pictures, or original content.


You no longer have to search endlessly for contact information.

EmailHunter finds the email addresses of your leads from LinkedIn pages or a company website and shows you confidence in the source with a percentage of reliability.

You can use this service in conjunction with Rapportive to see if an email address is valid.


This extension validates the emails you add as recipients when drafting an email in Gmail.

It helps you to reduce your bounce rate and associates each email with LinkedIn and other social profiles so you can gain valuable insights into your contact list before communicating.

Sidekick by Hubspot

Check open and click rates for your emails to help with statistics and tracking.

You can schedule emails for later or review your activity history.

Hovering over an email address shows the person’s title, company, social profiles and recent tweets.

Giphy for Chrome

 Search GIFs and add them to social media posts and emails by dragging and dropping.

It’s fast and easy, with a massive library of relevant images, leaving you more time to draft meaningful content.

These should get you started down the path of time savings, organizing your thoughts and creating more content to increase traffic and conversions.

By keeping you sane, these tools reduce stress and condense your ideas into one easy-to-remember place.

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