A Guide To Vape, Cannabis And Cryptocurrency Coins

A Guide To Vape, Cannabis And Cryptocurrency Coins

Vape, cannabis and cryptocurrency coins go hand in hand.

Cryptocurrency and vaping do go together, but you might not have realized that you could combine two great things in one.

If you are trying to learn how these two industries intersect, you will learn a lot by reading below.

No one would suggest that you will get the exact results you want the first time around, but you can start researching these things because they could all mesh to give you an experience that is exciting.



  1. Coins That Are Focused On Cannabis

Cryptocurrency coins focusing on cannabis and vaping are much more common than you think.

However, you do not learn very much just by searching for cryptocurrency coins focusing on cannabis and vaping.

You must have an idea of how much that coin is growing, how that coin relates to the industry, and how much it is growing in total value.

There are a lot of these coins that you need to look into first, and you should remember that you can go through all of them to do a full body of research.

Anyone who has problems with their research should avoid coins that they do not understand.

  1. Why Would You Invest In These Coins?

You could invest in these coins in any way that you want.

Some people will download the app for the coin because they want to have a way of controlling that coin very easily.

These same people will be very interested in the fact that they can watch these coins change.

You can see how much better it will get, and you will be amazed by the fact that you can come up with a plan for your investments that is based on the fact that you have this information you can read at any time.

Plus, you need to be sure that you have considered what you would do when you are hoping to make the most money from these coins.

The investments that you make should be designed to make your life easier.

This means that you are investing in something that benefits you.

This is especially true if you invest in coins that support companies you patronize.

  1. Why Cannabis?

Cannabis itself is a very big deal because it can completely change how you relate to the medical field.

Medical investments have always seemed like they would be a good thing for you to use because people always need medical care.

However, this is not always the case.

There are plenty of medical brands that are not performing well, but cannabis is something that people will want to invest in because they can easily come up with a plan for their cannabis investment that is based around either production or growing.

Cannabis is going to take the marketshare from the prescription medication industry because more and more people can go to the cannabis world to get the care that they need.

You will see values rise in this field because there are more companies out there that are driving growth, and there are many people who will be very interested in trying to make sure that they can invest in the cannabis company that will take the biggest marketshare.

  1. Which Companies Are Most Interesting?

There are some great coins in this field that include HempCoin and PotCoin.

You can look rough all these different coins, and you need to be sure that you have come up with a plan that you think actually makes sense for you.

Someone who has never done this before needs to be sure that they have looked over every one of these coins and so many more.

One of these coins will be right for you because it speaks to you in a personal way.

  • Paragon
  • Tokes
  • PotCoin
  • HempCoin
  • DopeCoin
  • CannabisCoin
  • GreenMed
  • Budbo
  • BlazerCoin
  • Cannation

These are some of the coins on the market that should interest you because they have the highest values overall.

However, you need to be sure that you have looked at the company you like the most.

You might want to come up with a plan that you think will mix your investments so that you are invested in certain things that will be best for you.

You also need to be sure that you know what each company does with their investments.

Some coins are very invested in the growth of cannabis because they are fueling the industry, but other companies are investing in dispensaries that are making amazing products.

Still other companies actually invest in special companies that make things like lotions and soaps.

It all depends on what you want to invest in because each company is a little bit different.

Plus, you might want to see if you can find a coin that has a nice mixture of investments behind it.

  1. How Do You Make Money?

You are waiting for these coins to grow in value.

You want to know for a fact that you will have a profit at the end of the year from your coin, and this is why you must choose a coin that is trending up.

When the coin is trending up, you will get a much better result.

Also, you need to be sure that you have read exactly how high the coin is supposed to go in the future.

Reading articles that are written by people in the industry could give you an idea of how much money you can make.

If the coin is supposed to rise very high, you will make a lot more money.

If you are getting into a coin that is new, you need to watch it until you know that it is going to provide you with the best possible options for the future.

  1. How Long Should You Invest?

Invest for as long as you want, but you need to have a plan for each coin.

You need to read industry information that tells you what you might do to save money.

You need to know when to get out of a coin because it will not be very profitable.

Move on to a new coin when the customer service is poor, and you can get out of a coin when you realize that that coin is not going to survive.

Some coins will plateau because they are not very popular, or they might have programming issues that are just too hard to deal with.

  1. Conclusion

The  cryptocurrency coins that you invest in should be related to something that you are interested in.

The majority of people who are trying to make good choices when buying their coins will discover that buying these coins is always easier because they are buying something that truly makes sense to them.

You know a lot about the cannabis industry, and it only makes sense that you would get cryptocurrency that will help you become a part of the cannabis world.

When you are not investing in something that you understand, you will lose money because you are not all that involved in the investments.

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Can Blockchain Technology solve the problems of The Cannabis Industry?  

Can Blockchain Technology Really Solve The Problems Faced By The Cannabis Industry?


For sure, anything related to technology, especially blockchain technology  may seem too complex for the ordinary person.

Despite having a somewhat complex name, blockchain technology is quite easy to understand.

I’m just an ordinary person like you , yet I was able to perform research on blockchain technology, and let me tell you, it’s quite impressive.

Definition of blockchain

If you have been following cryptocurrency over the last few years, you may have already come across the term “blockchain.” If you’re not a tech expert like me, then you would have relied on Google for the definition of blockchain.

Moreover, Google may have given you an answer like this: “Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, public ledger.”

It sounds a lot harder to understand according to this definition.

Basically, blockchain is the technology typically used by Bitcoin, which is a type of digital currency, in keeping track of its records.

It’s quite understandable why a few industries have misunderstood blockchain technology.

After all,  it is a fairly new niche in a speculative market with a somewhat foggy set of laws. On another note, cannabis also exists in a speculative market with an unclear set of regulations.

Nevertheless, both industries are receiving an influx of talented programmers and entrepreneurs looking to present a solution that will resolve their respective industry’s biggest worries.

With that in mind, I wanted to come here and present to you ways on how the blockchain technology can actually assist in transforming the cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Industry is Booming

Truly, the times are changing as 30 states have legalized the use of marijuana.

Nine of the 30 states legalized the use of recreational marijuana, while the other 21 states have legalized medical marijuana.

It is without a doubt that the cannabis industry is booming as a total sales $6.7 billion was reported by 2017.

This number is expected to rise with a projected sales of $20.2 billion by the year 2021, which is quite an amazing figure.

In fact, experts are saying that the growth rate of the cannabis industry outpaces that of which was set by the tech firms during the dot-com bubble.

I find that unlike the other industries, the cannabis industry tends to be subjected to careful examination from the public.

It receives more scrutiny as compared to others. As a result, this heightens the level of uncertainty in the cannabis marketplace.

While cannabis enthusiasts are indifferent toward the idea of additional safety measures and regulations surrounding product provenance, this is an industry that would need all the help it can get.

Regulators, businesses, and entrepreneurs should consider how blockchain technology could be the answer to the challenges faced by the cannabis industry.

Blockchain Technology as the “New Internet”

Before I start discussing the reasons as to why numerous cannabis firms are utilizing their own blockchain technology, it is only right that I talk a little more about what blockchain technology is and what it can do.

A lot of people have been commenting on how blockchain is an “ingenious invention.”

In fact, publicly traded companies, such as IBM, are now utilizing blockchain technology as a means to solve numerous issues.

As its name suggests, blockchain is a chain of blocks. Blocks refer to digital information, which is then stored in a chain, also known as a public database.

With that in mind, these blocks, which are digital pieces of data, have three parts:

  • It stores the details concerning a transaction, which would involve the time, date, and dollar amount of the most recent purchase.
  • It also stores the information concerning those participating in the transaction. However, instead of using a name, blockchain technology reads data through unique digital signatures.
  • Lastly, blocks store data that makes each block unique. A code, which is referred to by many as a “hash,” is assigned to a block which will represent a particular transaction.The code of your previous purchase may look identical to your recent purchase; however, the blocks can easily tell each transaction apart by using the codes.

When a block stores new information, that information is added to the blockchain. However, before a blockchain is formed, there are four things that must first happen:

  • A transaction must first occur
  • The transaction must be verified
  • The transaction details must be stored in a block
  • The block must be provided with a hash

Why Cannabis Companies Are Embracing Blockchain Technology

Similar to most supply chains, the cannabis industry can greatly benefit from the blockchain technology.

The enhanced provenance that blockchains can provide brings about the peace of mind in both suppliers and customers.

By utilizing blockchain technology, it would be easy to identify how marijuana was grown and by whom, who were the parties involved in every cannabis transaction, and that no link along the cannabis supply chain was involved in any illegal elements.

Without further ado, here are some of the reasons why cannabis companies are embracing blockchain technology.

Processing of Payments

The processing of payments is probably one of the struggles of the cannabis industry.

Despite having the majority of the states in the US legalized either recreational or medical marijuana, the federal law still poses a number of restrictions as to how payment is accepted and stored by cannabis-based firms.

Moreover, 300 out of 11,000 banks, in the United States of America allow cannabis business owners to open an account.

Since cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies are unregulated and decentralized, this provides cannabis business owners the ability to accept secure and fast payments that are cashless.

Since cannabis-based businesses are cash-only businesses, blockchain technology can greatly aid in the accounting processes of the business.

With blockchain technology, owners of cannabis companies no longer have to sift through an infinite amount of financial statements.

Blockchain technology will not only change how payments are accepted by the cannabis industry but also the entire operation of global commerce.

Quality Assurance

The production process of cannabis may touch on numerous businesses – from the farmers and growers to the authorized dispensaries, and from cannabis retailers to consumers.

Nevertheless, the utilization of blockchain technology in the supply chain of cannabis businesses provides a complete picture of its end-to-end process; thus, ensuring quality assurance.


Stemming from the previous point, blockchain technology also allows the consumers, regulators, and business owners of cannabis products to pinpoint the inefficiencies in the cannabis end-to-end process.

Remember, a supply chain that is supported by the blockchain’s flawless math has the potential to produce an improved overall customer experience.

Standard of Transparency

Paragon CEO Jessica Versteeg shares with Rolling Stone on how her cannabis startup is utilizing its very own cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology.

For VerSteeg, it’s all about transparency in the cannabis space, considering the fact that this industry is facing unclear regulations across borders.

The ledger used by the blockchain technology can either reduce or eliminate any trace of human-based complication because it is unchanging.

Financial institutions and government agencies that are performing audits on cannabis-related transactions can utilize blockchain technology as a means to keep track of its legality.

Limiting Over-Consumption

There are still unclear parameters governing the use, sale, and purchase of cannabis in states that have legalized its production and consumption.

While there isn’t much difference between the legality of marijuana among the various states, the laws governing cannabis production and consumption are still too difficult to enforce.

This difficulty can actually lead to potential criminal networks.

What’s worse is that tracing and identifying who is abiding by the regulations and who is going against it has become much more challenging.

Needless to say, heavy-handed tactics are prohibited in the context of the legalization of cannabis.

A simple introduction of blockchain technology to monitor and track personal sales would represent a fair middle ground between the current lack of command and more unhandy strategies.

There are two companies that use blockchain technology to solve this kind of issue. 

With IBM’s proposed solutions, there is an increased transparency on the legality of cannabis sales.

In addition, BlockMedx is working on various ways in which blockchain can assist in combatting opioid abuse.

Facilitating Taxation

No matter where you buy it or how much you paid for it, you are always going to face a heavy tax when purchasing marijuana products.

This was a huge part of the legalization pitch, after all. In fact, California reported over $2.7 billion worth of cannabis derived tax.

If one is to utilize blockchain ledger technology and that this would be mandated for dispensaries, there is a high chance that sales figures would become certain and stable.

By extension, it would lead to accurate taxation and simpler audits for all of the parties involved.

The best part is that the revenues from cannabis-related transactions are given back in larger amounts to the citizens of the states who have chosen to legalize marijuana.

Again, IBM as one of the companies who proposed to the Canadian Government a particular blockchain solution for ensuring the effective and accurate tracking of cannabis so much so that it would lead to easier taxation.

Nevertheless, the act of utilizing blockchain technology can also present a number of disadvantages and risks for the cannabis industry.

In fact, a company by the name of Deloitte mentioned how blockchain risks are classified into three categories, which are as follows:

Standard Risks

Blockchain technology will open cannabis-based companies to various risks that are associated and are actually quite similar to that of the current business processes.

This can be considered as a nuance for those who need to account for their transactions.

Value Transfer Risks

Blockchain technology allows the peer-to-peer transfer of value without any need for a primary intermediary.

The value involved in this particular transfer could either be a piece of information, identity, or even assets.

With that in mind, this new technological business model exposes the transactions and any interaction made between two parties.

As a result, it opens them to new risks that central intermediaries used to manage.

Smart Contract Risks

When it comes to smart contract risks, these have the potential to encode complex financial, legal, and business arrangements on the blockchain system.

Furthermore, it could also result in a higher level of risk associated with the act of mapping these transactions from the physical to the digital structure.

Summarizing CBD and Cryptocurrency intersection

It is without a doubt that blockchain technology has the ability to transform any business process.

It can do so by disintermediating the business’ processes and central entities, improving any of its efficiencies, and allowing the creation of an immutable audit on transactions.

We have already discussed what is blockchain technology, and what has been shared regarding the current state of the cannabis industry in the United States of America.

It is clear that this industry can benefit from using this developing technology as a means to track and monitor its end-to-end process without ever neglecting marijuana laws.

Final Thoughts

With that in mind, here are my final thoughts on the utilization of blockchain technology by businesses in the cannabis industry:

One thing is for sure, blockchain technology brings about an impact in various industries only because companies are choosing to embrace its system.

Basically, blockchain technology can assist in the seed-to-sale monitoring and tracking of the cannabis industry.

The states that have legalized the use of either recreational or medical marijuana make use of scanning and tracking procedures so that they can monitor the journey of every cannabis product until it reaches the end-user.

Nevertheless, the full farm-to-table life cycle is quite difficult to track.

This is where the blockchain technology comes in.

It can easily fix this particular issue that the cannabis industry is facing.

With the use of codes and labels that blockchains bring to the table, all of the information concerning cannabis-related transactions can easily be traced, stored, archived, and searched.

More and more companies are now turning to blockchain technology for a more decentralized, secured, and transparent data ledger.

With that in mind, it is very advisable to have at least a blockchain developer to be part of your team.

By welcoming blockchain into your business, much like what cannabis companies are doing now, you are allowing easy verification without having the need to be dependent on third-parties.

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How to toss your stressful job and be your own boss

How to toss your stressful job and be your own boss



To be your own boss in today’s competitive world is not as easy as you might imagine as there are stumbling blocks to overcome. You are making a decision to be in the driver’s seat and to learn and master new skills.

Once you are offering a product or service that is in demand, your greatest challenge will be to sell successfully online.

One of the biggest advantages created by the internet is the ability to access and market to large audiences.Marketing and advertising online is faster,more cost effective, engaging and requires less staff to manage and track campaigns.

The key to online success is to master the art of targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is a way of placing ads based on demographics, on the consumers’ previous buying history or on behavior.

If you are dissatisfied with your boss’s demands which may be baseless and futile, you may be inclined to quit your job straight away and start making money online.

You should not tolerate your boss’s mood swings especially when you are doing exactly what you are being paid to do. You have the potential and career opportunities to earn online. With determination and the right attitude, the possibility to be your own boss may be sooner realized that you might have imagined.

Most 9-5 jobs are a headache with multiple issues that arise with either colleagues or boss. So, if you want to live a cool and comfortable life, you can choose to earn money online. Here is how you can be your own boss:

  1. Find out What You Would Like to Do.

First of all, while you are doing your uninteresting and repetitive work, you must start finding what work gives you happiness and satisfaction.It may be offering a product or service for sale.


  1. Research the Rates of the Work You Like

Research the rates of the work you like to do. You must find the rate of the work, make comparisons between your job and online work and then decide. You must remember initially you will be paid low. With passage of time, rates will increase.

  1. Go for Pros and Cons List Between Your Current and Online Job.

You should not just quit your job. You must continue your job as well as work on small projects online. Then, you must make a Pros and Cons List between your offline and online job. This will give you a fair idea of what you should prefer.

  1. Make a Switch or Keep Researching and Learning.

If Pros and Cons List is in favor of Online Job, you must switch. Otherwise, you must start learning for your dream online job and keep going.

  1. Make Sure to Have Enough Savings for First Six Months.

Before you switch, you should have sufficient money to survive and grow for six months.

  1. Examining Your Inner Self and Choices

Between all this, you must examine what your inner self likes. Also, check impacts and results of your choices on you and your career.

 Determine Your Career

 After you have gone through every stage, you must determine which career you may want to continue to do. You must test both careers, and then make your decision carefully and diligently. To be your own boss is achievable but is not for everyone.


 You should be controlling your days, evenings and nights, not any corporation or company. You should put yourself in charge, and truly discover your new abilities, potential and skills.

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Constructive Ideas for earning passive income that are achievable

Constructive Ideas for earning passive income that are achievable

Ideas for earning passive income are outlined below.

Imagine if you could earn money simply by sitting back and doing nothing. Believe it or not, it’s something countless folks do every day. It’s a concept known as passive income investing.

Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.


Passive income is the most easy method to make money while you sleep, eat and drink. Passive income ways must be constructed, then you will be able to earn without working hard day and night.

Most millionaires and billionaires have sources of passive income, which adds to their total wealth regularly.

It must be clarified at this point that initially you will be putting great efforts and then only you will be able to earn income enjoying at beaches or celebrating your birthday in New York or Miami, as you may wish.

The following are some ideas for earning passive income:

  • Affiliate Marketing

You invest your time and effort by generating this kind of passive income. Affiliate marketing means promotion of a company or brand, and then earn a commission when a sale goes through.

  • Creation and Sale of an Online Course

Online study has gotten famous nowadays. You can create and sell an online course on a topic that you have mastered. Udemy and Teachable are such famous platforms. Every time a student enrolls, you are paid your dues.

 Starting a YouTube Channel

Whether a celebrated famous person or a common citizen, everybody is starting YouTube channel, showing some spicy content, Vlogging and other tricks that get them viewers and subscribers. This is one of most common methods of earning passive income nowadays.

  • Making E-Commerce Site

E-Commerce Site is a hard task in the initial stages. But once it gets set up, you can earn through selling your own product, selling someone else’s product or just earning through drop shipping (customer orders, and manufacturer delivers).  These passive income techniques have taken internet by storm.

 Writing E-Books Or Other Journals

E-Books and e-journals are very short pieces and easy to complete than normal books and journals. You can write about fascinating How-To topics or other non-fiction topics, and earn through sale or reading of your e-books or journals.

 Selling Photos Online

You can sell photos online on different websites. Every time a user downloads your photo, you get funded by website. Photographer is paid low for downloads that are done by subscribed user. If a customer pays for your photo, you are paid highly.


There are many other ideas for earning passive income. Some of the ideas need hard work in the beginning, but then you will be earning much regularly and comfortably.

As we all know, the years fly by very quickly and before we realize it, retirement is just around the corner. Do not depend on Social Security as your main source of retirement income because the rate of inflation is just going to get worse and erode its purchasing power.

It’s prudent to start working on ideas for earning passive now while we have the time to devote to planting the seeds to achieve it in the near future. 

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This is one of the best affiliate marketing programs available in the world today to build passive income.

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It’s not how much you earn but do you spend your money wisely?

Spend your money wisely and reap the benefits of savings in the future.

Spend your money wisely even though you may have to literally sweat to earn a living. Most people are flat broke after they have blown their hard earned money on frivolous purchases.

Frank A Clark, american politician and lawyer, once said that “Many folks think they aren’t good at earning money when what they don’t know is how to use it.” —Frank A. Clark

Earning vs Spending

The quote mentioned above is the crux of most of our lives. It is very important to realize that it is very difficult to earn money and extremely easy not to spend it wisely. Having an amount in our accounts makes us want to spend on everything that comes to our mind. We blame our impulse for picking up those extra snacks or clothes while we are out shopping for the essentials.

Saving is an art:

It has been rightly said that saving is an art. Art takes great focus and determination to bring out a masterpiece. Similarly, planning and making the right choices to cut down your excessive expenditures. requires the same. Saving doesn’t seem important to us when we have our favorite item in our hands, but we realize its importance when we need money in stressful situations and if we encounter uncalled events.

Be it passive income or any other income that enables you to meet the necessities and enjoy the luxuries of life, both should have a chunk that you should keep in your piggy bank. There are certain tips that you can follow to save your money and make your life easy.


Well, this doesn’t seem to be very relatable when we talk about saving money, but it is one of the most important facts. While you are out on your shopping spree and picking up random things keep it in your mind that you are not here to spend extra money. Stay focused and determined. You should not give in to your impulses.

INVEST Wisely:

While this sounds obvious, it is important to not invest in something that isn’t useful in the long run. Invest wisely in your products and business. Sometimes we think that certain things have potential in them, whereas the reality is in contrast to it. Therefore, we should weigh the possibilities of profit and loss, and then let your money into it.


You must have heard this very frequently, but you are still not sure how to apply it to your life. Setting priorities bounds you and makes you spend on the very essentials, and confines you from expending unnecessarily. If you are an entrepreneur, make sure you save every penny to invest in your venture. If you are an owner of a small business save to expand your business. Do not invest in other things when you already have something worth spending on your plate.


If you think that you can save by keeping money in your cupboard then you are wrong. It is almost impossible to prevent yourself from spending the money that is within your reach easily. Choose options like Savings account, Certificate of deposit (CD) such authentic options will help you to save your money in a more appropriate and scheduled manner.


Once your saving account starts flourishing with your savings you will feel satisfied. You will have money to invest, start a passive business, travel, grab a business opportunity, and many such profitable choices will be in your basket.


Be your boss, who is strict with his rules and does not compromise on the performance of his employee.

An excellent passive income opportunity:

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Furthermore, all sales campaigns and sales follow up are done for you. 

Therefore, you do not have to be internet marketing professional to succeed at this program. You can have a normal job and have this business growing at the side until it is mature enough to replace your income and it just keeps on growing.

This is one of the best affiliate marketing programs available in the world today to build passive income.

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What Is Insider Trading And How to comply with the law


What Is Insider Trading And How to comply with the law

For all of you traders out there, you may want to beware of insider trading.

In case you weren’t aware, there are unscrupulous traders out there who buy or sell stocks, securities and currencies based on non-public information they have access to.

These traders are for example, owners, CEOs, directors, or other upper-level management employees of large companies along with anyone who knows them such as family or friends.

Insider trading is an unlawful and unfair form of trading.

It takes place by individuals who make trades based on utilizing private or stolen company information they can use to their advantage.

Because they have access to such facts, their likelihood of making a profit is a most likely a sure one.

Why is this bad?

Because they are depriving public traders the chance of doing the same and are hindering the overall performance of the market.

How Insider Trading Works

You can think of insider trading much like cheating on a test, especially a job-skills test where those who score the highest are most likely to get hired.

The insider trader would be analogous to the person(s) that somehow gets secret access to the answers before the test is to be taken.

Hence, they have an unfair advantage over all the other applicants.

How is valuable data passed along in insider trading?

Let’s take the following first scenario:

Let’s say the Director of ABC Inc has the results announcement due to be released by, say Wednesday to the London Stock Exchange.

Assume that the announcement is going to hurt the ABC’s shares price since this company isn’t doing as well as the public believes it is.

Monday, in a phone conversation with a hedge funds manager, the director accidentally let the info slip.

While at lunch, that manager has a few drinks with his lawyer and thus mistakenly tells him.

Monday night, the lawyer then informs his wife over supper that ABC’s announcements are not too good.

 So on Tuesday, she sells all her ABC shares to avoid taking a loss on them.

She then can be nailed for insider trading.

So, what makes insider trading just that? It consists of the following:

– The insider:

This could be any employee of a company, especially upper management or perhaps anyone they interact with on a daily basis.

Anyone that a company member passes confidential info to is considered an insider including friends, relatives, or spouses.

– Price sensitive information:

Such info is any type of fact(s) or advice that encourages one to buy or sell stock based on good news or bad.

If this info leaks out early, it will directly affect the share value of the company involved.

Simply put, this is tomorrow’s information shared today.

– Deal:

A deal is simply the act of knowingly passing on info that is confidential and illegal at that.

Anybody with access to inside info who passes it on to others is part of the deal.

Passing inside info to any outsider (or non-employee of your company) is illegal whether it is witnessed or not.

That also goes for professionals that accompany you in your trading activities such as hedge funds managers or lawyers.

Proving Insider Trading Activity

Then comes the aspect of insider trading: proving that it has happened.

Distributing inside info or accepting it is a crime and carries criminal penalties, large fines, and prison sentences.

In the case of court action, a jury needs to be persuaded beyond a reasonable doubt, that a suspect has committed a crime.

This plays as a standard test.

Because such crimes carry big penalties including imprisonment, the bar is set quite high and it’s the jury that decides whether or not insider trading activity has taken place.

Insider trading is even more difficult to prove.

In an insider’s dealing case with multiple networks of information, phone conversations, emails, tricky deals, etc, it can all be quite complicated to actually prove it has occurred.

As for the defendants, they’ll deny that it happened and such communication was done only as part of their job.

Because it isn’t easy to prove, many who commit to insider trading who should be prosecuted are not.

– The SEC Versus the Supreme Court

Currently, we have two inconsistent laws of insider trading simultaneously at war with one another in the United States.

One is a law promulgated by the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) in its enforcement program.

The second set of laws is the law of insider trading that has been articulated by the US Supreme Court in a series of views that the SEC dislikes or rejects.

What are these views and how do they differ?

The SEC feels that insider trading should be illegal since it is unfair.

This is because when one person trades with another with an inappropriate informational advantage, such an act is unfair to public traders.

However, the Supreme Court takes a completely different view.

Rather than focusing on the counter party, the Supreme Court addresses the source of the information.

They determine whether the person engaged in this trading activity has stolen the info from its rightful owner.

Hence, we can call the SEC’s viewpoint to insider trading as the fairness approach and coin the Supreme Court’s viewpoint as the business property approach.

Both views can be analyzed as to who is harmed under these distinct theories.

A second scenario demonstrates how differently the SEC and the Supreme Court view insider trading:

Say, a hedge managers gets inside info on how the ABC firm’s bid for the XYZ firm.

Hence ABC is the acquiring entity and XYZ is the company to be purchased or taken over.

ABC plans to pay a large premium for XYZ’s stock.

Anybody who gains inside knowledge of this unannounced bid could use it to their advantage:

By making a lot of money through purchasing shares of XYZ and then reselling them after the bid has become public.

How do these legal entities view this?

The SEC sees it as being unfair to XYZ (the seller of the stock) as they are not yet aware of ABC’s intention of acquiring their firm.

Thus, those who buy XYZ’s stock based on these facts are at fault.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court says the person doing this trading has no preexisting obligation to trade duty to this counter-party (XYZ).

What we care about is that whoever is making a trade has in essence stolen this information from the bidder (ABC).

Hence, the Supreme Court feels that the persons spreading the inside info are at fault, not the buyers of XYZ’s stock.

However, the SEC has what they call an Insider Traders Enforcement Program.

They will find insider traders is by investigating those who have made a great amount of money on a recent buying or selling activity.

They will especially scrutinize those who have traded on a repetitive basis.

Hence, they look at hedge funds and private equity firms and look at the returns these firms make when investing in company stocks.

If alleged inside traders lose money, the SEC pays no attention to them.

However, if specific traders make money consistently, the SEC suspects these people have engaged in insider trading.

The SEC finds traders who have repeatedly outperformed the market based on its theory.

They will then investigate them, create a lawsuit against them, and once evident, throw them in jail.


Imagine that you trade stocks or securities.

What if someone lets you in on a secret as to what stocks to buy or sell?

Would you be elated with their advice or would you question it?

What if it were a friend, relative, or family member?

Should you follow their advice?

Absolutely not!

Your best bet would be to question them and find the source of this information.

More than likely, they may be engaging in insider trading.

Hence, if you gladly take their advice and do what they ask you to do, you are guilty just the same.

That’s if you get caught.

Remember, insider trading is a crime whether you inform others of non-public trading information or act on it yourself.

If caught, you may face big fines, imprisonment, or both.

If you are suspicious that one is committing such an act, refuse to cooperate and if you can remain anonymous, report them.

No amount of money is worth the risk.

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