A Mobile Friendly Website For Best Website Optimization 2020

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A Mobile Friendly Website Is a Necessity For website Optimization 2020 

A Mobile Friendly Website for Best website Optimization 2020

A mobile friendly website for best website optimization 2020 is a necessity because the majority of all searches are now being done on mobile devices. Mobile usage is only going to accelerate more and more so it’s best to jump on the bandwagon now. Thus you will be left behind if you do not get mobile friendly now.

Furthermore, Google is going to prioritize their mobile index over their desktop index. They see the trend that most searches are being done on mobile. They want to make sure that they optimize the search engine for mobile searches.This should encourage you to move to a mobile friendly website.

4 Elements of a perfect mobile website:

A. Responsive. It’s going to adapt to whatever device you are using whether it’s a desktop, mobile phone or Ipad. It’s important to use a responsive design. You do not want to create a separate mobile site. It’s better to create a responsive design.

B.It’s fast. You will be able to get more conversions and more sales.

C. It’s readable. The fonts should be large and the buttons should be easy to click with your fingers.

D. It’s functional. There should be no need to put out extra effort to get what you need on any website.There should be no need to create a separate mobile site.It’s much better from an SEO perspective to have a responsive design that uses the same URLs and not split authority which is not a good practice.

There is really no need for AMP(accelerated mobile pages). You do not need it for ranking purposes. At this point, it is too new of a technology and is not a ranking factor. If you have the resources to implement it, it certainly will not hurt you.

How to audit your website’s mobile friendliness

  1. Go to testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com and then scan your site. You should really scan your site more than once because one scan is simply not sufficient to get enough data.You should in fact run it 3 to 5 times  and even 10 scans to get an idea as to where your website stands. Google will even generate a report for you to take action on what needs to be fixed.
  2. Go to Mobiready. This is a little different from the Google tool. It’s going to show you how your website looks on the various versions of mobile devices-desktop, high tier phone, mid tier phone and low tier phone. Use the these two tools to your advantage.

How to improve your mobile website design:

  1. Font size and typography. You should have a large font size and typography should be simple.
  2. Breathing room for elements on the mobile design should be as straightforward as possible.
  3. Phone number should be displayed and it should be clickable.
  4. Buttons should be large enough so that a finger can click it with ease.
  5. Forms to be filled out should be simple.
  6. Overall cleanliness with nothing distracting.

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